Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Interview with... Pamela Sutch

I don't know about you, but a big drawcard for me with watching horror movies is the beautiful actresses which always seem to find their way into mischief.
Needless to say, when the opportunity came to interview Pamela Sutch, I grabbed it!
The opportunity, not Pamela. :)

1. What do you think makes horror movies so popular?

I think, for the younger generation, they just like to get scared. As a teenager I was mystified by paranormal experiences. I guess that's just natural for all kids. Eventually you grow out of it and your standards for a good horror movie are much higher.

2. Do you enjoy working in this genre?

Horror movies aren't the only genre that I have worked in, but yes, I have done my share. I do enjoy aspects of them. I'm a character driven actress and these movies are a lot of times driven by strange quirky personalities. Also, if your an actress working in b-indie movies, chances are good they will be horror/sci-fi. That just so happens to be the genre that distributers are much easier to except and get out there.

3. What preparation work do you do before each role?

If there are a lot of lines (monologues), I will speak the lines out loud numerous times until they flow and are memorized. Sometimes there are tongue twisting sentences that aren't in your normal way of speaking. So you have to say them until they roll out comfortably. After that, I can begin to feel the words and develop the character. I will then add some kind of movement/props. Then, most important, I will listen to what the co-actors are saying and react off of them. That's the key for me. Feel from what they are giving me.

4. What would be a dream project for you?

I'm working on it now. I just about have a completed feature length script that I will soon begin to look for backing to produce. The main character ends up with a case of amnesia and then develops flashbacks. It will have some horror elements + action/martial arts, lots of twists and turns and a great ending. I will produce it under my Siren Tales Productions name,, and it will be the largest production that I have produced/directed.

5. Do you have any new releases coming out that you acted in?

Look forward to the release of "Warriors of the Apocalypse" on ITN distribution. That's an Action/martial art horror flick by Killer Wolf films. I was fortunate to have a nice leading role and plenty of fight scenes which feature my martial art abilities.

6. When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

Socialize, dance, sing, go to picnics, see bands, have a nice glass of red wine, dinner at outside cafe's, ride a bike, swim, plant flowers, laugh, watch movies, eat ice cream, walk, exercise, feed the birds, hug my cat, see family, street fairs in the city, shopping, hiking, long walks....and sleep.

7. Have you ever attended a Horror convention?

Yes, I attended many of them years back. Not so much anymore, my direction has changed a bit.

Thanks for your time with the interview Pamela. I sure had fun reading your responses.
I hope the readers did too.
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  1. Pam is a truly beautiful young lady inside and out, and she "oozes" charisma! Best of luck in all you do, Pam!