Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Interview with... Greg Proops

Now for an interview I'm sure a LOT of people I know will go crazy over.
Don't ask me how, because I'll never reveal how I did it, but I have interviewed the one, the only, Greg Proops.

Greg, as you know, was on the very funny Whose Line Is It Anyway?
And now, on to the interview.

1. Whose Line Is It Anyway has a cult following, even to this day. What was it like on set?

Fun. We laughed and cracked each other up. I still perform with almost evryone from the show so we must have had a good time. we trust each other.The UK guys are all still my friends.

2. I’ve always wanted to know, how do you get involved in a show like this?

They came to san Francisco where I was living and cast McShane and then me. I got lucky.

3. Easy To Assemble is another great show in the making. How do you find this production over, say, The Drew Carey Show?

Well, Illeana puts it all together with her team. It is more labor of love and I adore being part of it. Drew's show was a big network deal and all that.

4. What’s it like working alongside Illeana Douglas?

She is fabulous. It really is all her idea and she killed it.

5. You’ve since gone on to do voice-over work. It must be great to showcase this side of your talent.

It must indeed.

6. The world of Asterix is a childhood favourite of mine. How did you get involved in Asterix And The Vikings?

My friend Jack Fletcher has helped me immensely. He asked for me.

7. Is there any event or charity you would like to bring to my readers’ attention?

Feed people baby. Right in your home town. Give your friend money.

Thank you very much, Greg!

Did you enjoy this interview? I sure did. Got a big kick out of it.
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