Monday, January 24, 2011

Interview with... Lisa London

I was literally in shock when I discovered my next interviewee agreed to answering a few questions.
I first saw Lisa London's work in the 1979's film H.O.T.S., in which Lisa played the part of O'Hara.
They certainly don't make movies like that anymore!

Lisa soon progressed further into films such as The Godson starring Rodney Dangerfield, The Indian, and Sudden Impact starring Clint Eastwood.

It is with great pleasure that I bring to you my interview with Lisa London.

1. For you, what is the appeal of being an actress?

I have always wanted to be an actress since I was born - it is more an irresistible calling than an option for me!

2. You certainly appear to be having fun on set. What’s it like to shoot a movie?

I do enjoy being on the set - it feels like I belong to a great big wonderful crazy family - a group of strangers that are all trying to make this monster called a movie or a play - and we bond and sometimes remain in each others' lives.

3. What has been your favourite role so far?

My favorite role changes for different reasons - can't beat working with Clint Eastwood..... Johnny Depp was great too - and just did Law & Order :SVU - a top show in USA and that was amazing - filming in New York is so exciting. Excited about my last film, Boy Toy which comes out soon!

4. What work have you done outside of film?

I was a sportscaster and sportswriter. I owned a restaurant with my sisters. I sing and had a major record deal. I was a masseuse in high school.

5. What would be an dream role for you?

Dream role would be one where I could reach my potential - opposite a major male star.

6. What’s coming up next?

My next role is in a movie called Less Than a Whisper - a ghost tale. And I will be involved in producing a couple films that could happen in 2011. And a big probability I will hopefully return to the stage and back on Law & Order :SVU again this year too!

7. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to my readers’ attention?

I support many childrens' charities so urge people to donate to any charity or organization that helps children. And please support my theatre group - The Actorhood!

Thank Lisa for her time with this interview, and of course I wish her all the best.

For more of Lisa's work please check out the following sites
Lisa's has also asked me to make mention of the following;
The Robb Company, Los Angeles, CA USA 1+424-202-3695

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The Informant!

In September of 2009 a little movie came out called The Informant!
I'd seen many reviews of it during it's release but as like a lot of movies which take my interest I just didn't get around to actually seeing it.
Until last night.
It happened to be on cable TV, and Bones wasn't on which meant I have free-reign of the TV for the night.
I'm glad I watched it too. It was both an informative and fun film.
Here's the movie poster.

And here's the trailer

Here we have Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) a biochemist for ADM who's been moved into the business side of the company.

And here's Ginger Whitacre (Melanie Lynskey). I didn't realise until she appeared on screen but Melanie is known for her role as Rose in Two And A Half Men.
Melanie gives a good performance as Ginger and plays off well to Matt Damon's performance.

Another drawcard to watching this movie was Brian Shephard (Scott Bakula), an FBI agent Mark comes into contact with, and by whom the whole story progresses.
Bakula, as usual, gives a solid performance here. You can't fault him.

A surprise addition to the cast, in the role of Mark Cheviron, was Thomas F Wilson.

Thomas F Wilson is better known for his role as Biff Tanner in the Back To The Future movies.

Now the storyline of this movie is quite dry, and unless you like sitting in on business meetings each and every day, unless you get enjoyment from listening to middle-aged men go on and on about price structure, business plans, cost projections, etc etc, then you're going to need this guy to cheer things up.
James Epstein (Tony Hale) is Mark Whitacre's lawyer. Mark Whitacre's long suffering lawyer.

What also makes this movie a pure gem is the thought narratives Mark sprouts off at any given moment, especially when he should be paying attention to something else entirely.

"What's the German word for "corn?" The word in German I really like is kugelschreiber. That's "pen." All those syllables just for "pen.""

Now with comments like that you just know this is going to be a fun film.

As usual, Matt Damon gives an outstanding performance. He even packed on the weight for the role although I didn't really notice.

I will admit the movie does have it's flaws. Mark Whitacre isn't the best role model, or even someone I would base a movie around. However the things that happened with his involvement? Yep, it sure was interesting.

It's one of those movies you watch and then the day after you can't stop thinking about, and feel the need to do some follow-up research on.
For that reason alone I give the movie an 8 out of 10.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Interview with... Kaaren De Zilva

Purely by chance did I happen to find Kaaren De Zilva with an opportunity to interview her.
And when an opportunity like that arrives you don't take it lightly, or knock it back.

Kaaren has worked on such films as The 13th Warrior, and has a scene stealing turn in the coming of age film, Juno.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Kaaren De Zilva.

1. What was it like filming The 13th Warrior?

Working on the 13th Warrior was an amazing experience. It was my first real taste of working on a big budget feature film...being helicoptered in to set in remote parts of the country and working with extremely talented people.

2. How has the role altered your acting career?

It altered my career because I was exposed to so many great actors. It was an international cast and because the actors were so diverse it allowed me to learn a great range of acting styles and methodologies.

3. Please describe your involvement on Da Vinci’s City Hall.

On DaVinci's City Hall I played the City Manager for City Hall, Julia Forsyth. I really enjoyed playing that character. She was bold, intelligent and feminine.

4. You’ve gotten praise for your role in Juno. How did you prepare for the role?

Thank you to those that enjoyed the performance and to Jason Reitman for such great direction. The technical preparation was done by learning about the procedure of ultrasound and the technicians that do it. As far as the personality traits of the character, I explored all the reasons how and why someone would arrive at the opinions this character expresses.

5. What’s it like on shows such as Stargate: Atlantis, and Fringe?

Working on Stargate Atlantis and Fringe was fantastic! It's like a hyper reality with all the costumes, cool sets and other worldly scenarios, but intertwined within it is the struggles every human faces.

6. Have you done any conventions for your sci-fi work?

I have not done any Sci-Fi conventions for my think I should?

7. What would be a dream role for you?

My dream role...I have a lot of dreams...hmmm...perhaps a spy because I can play so many ethnicities, a super hero, a dark gritty many dream roles...

8. What’s coming up next?

Lot's of diverse roles coming up for me again this year and who knows maybe you'll get to see me play that dark and gritty detective I mentioned earlier....

I hope you enjoyed this interview. I thought Kaaren's responses were brilliant.
I look forward to seeing the next production Kaaren appears in.

If you would like to know more about Kaaren and her work I ask that you take a look at her website,

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Interview with... Gerard McMahon

Hands up who is a fan of The Lost Boys movie? I know I am, and I know a few guys who really dig the movie too.
Not only the movie, but the soundtrack.
I bring to your attention Gerard McMahon, aka G Tom Mac, who created the infamous song to the original movie, "Cry Little Sister."

Gerard also worked on that fantastic film, Fast Times At Ridgemont High. I really should do a review of that film... But I digress.

If you're a fan of The Lost Boys, and Gerard's work I'm sure you'll be very interested to read what Gerard has to say in this interview.

1. How did you get involved with The Lost Boys?

A) I was called on by Director Joel Schumacher who was a fan of my music to come up with a theme song, he was in the middle of filming, & asked me to take a look at the script to see if it would inspire me, as it did I started to think I wanted to write something very universal that would make sense to the vampire, but would relate on many levels lyrically & musically.

2. Fast Times At Ridgemont High had a very different feel than The Lost Boys. How did you approach this from a musical point of view?

A) Cameron Crowe writer of Fast times, had heard my song Look in your eyes through my manager & fell in love with it, so it wasn't a case like Lost boys where I wrote it directly for the film, it just happened to work, love it when that happens!

3. Besides film, what else music-wise can you tell us about?

A) I've always been first an artist & songwriter that has had a very strange career in respects to being pinned down to any one distinct style, even though I see a distinct style in myself,I do think why I had many people from KISS to Carly Simon, Ice Cube Roger Daltrey, Eminem, record my songs, is that my writing was diverse enough & I guess unique to them, that these artists were attracted to my work. I'm quite pleased that I didn't turn out to have a limited run as an artist, one hit wonder or whatever, it's been a good mix of being a performer still out there, to writing & producing & still listening to fresh sounds & being inspired to create new ones.

4. How involved with the Lost Boys sequels were you?

A) The Tribe (Lost Boys 2) Warner Bros. asked me to get involved, but I really didn't like the story,however they wanted me to do a music video to have as a bonus on the DVD so I agreed,providing I was given complete creative control. I did a new version of my song Cry little sister using my original version for the first verse then going into a more updated rocked out version throughout, most fans loved it, some thought I went too far, I enjoyed steppin' it up quite frankly. It appears on my album THOU SHALT NOT FALL album. As far as this last installment "The Thirst" I've not seen it, & I'm sure they'll keep going straight to DVD as long as they can keep making them cheap enough to make money. I don't have any real desire to keep running Cry little sister (my version) into the ground with this on going franchise, for no other reason than I want to be challenged by other things musically.

5. What's coming up next?

A) I'm in the process of finishing up my new album (whatever an album means any more,) a collection of songs shall we say haha! ahh yes what a concept! that should release in the late summer. I just scored music & wrote a majority of songs for the new Horror Thriller 'Emerging past' which releases in the Spring of 2011, then I will tour America in the Summer again. & I have a film company now that is producing music biopics & documentaries, we have our first film going into production soon.

6. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to my reader's attention?

I'm a big supporter of my friend Roger Daltrey's Childrens cancer hospital wards that he continues to support & I'm right behind him on that.

I apologise for not being able to provide an actual image of Gerard for the interview.
Never the less I thank him wholeheartedly, and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Until next time!

Interview with... Biff Elliot

It's all fun and games interviewing young, up-and-coming movie stars, but to get the real juicy details you need to speak to the guys who have shown the young people how it's done.

Appearing in over 70 TV and film roles ranging from The Roaring 20's, Planet Of The Apes, The Enemy Below, and Mission: Impossible, Biff Elliot certainly gave some good responses to my questions below.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Biff Elliot.

1. What prompted you to sign on to the Planet Of The Apes TV series?

I think it’s fun when an actor gets a chance to play orangutans as well as a human.

2. Were you a fan of the Planet Of The Apes movies?


3. Please tell us about your film roles, in particular The Enemy Below.

Dick Powell called. I rushed over because I knew he was doing a film, and I wanted to be in it. It turns out he wanted to ask me about something concerning politics that had nothing to do with me. I said when Dick Powell calls you to come over, what would any actor think? That you would want me to be in your picture. He said you want to be in it? I said yes. The company was at sea shooting. So he puts me under contract, and I make money doing nothing until they came back. I then started my part in the picture, which I made up myself mostly. I was paid my full salary for a small part.

4. What was it like to work with the likes of Walter Matthau, and Jack Lemmon?

They were my dearest and closest friends. In fact Walter told me he was playing me in the movie “Grumpy Old Men.” I spent more time with them off the set than on the set. Jack and I played golf all the time. We had Christmas dinner together for many years. In “That’s Life” we wrote the script as we went along. It started out as just a 10 page outline.

5. What was it like working on the Mission: Impossible TV series?

It was fun, but I don’t remember any details this many years later.

6. Can you please tell us a bit about your involvement on Alfred Hitchcock Presents?

Sometimes it would be a big part, and sometimes it would be a small part, but I didn’t care as long as I was on the series. There was a woman casting director who kept casting me. I had dinner one night with Alfred and his wife. He was very into wines.Years later I was doing radio sportscasting I was getting quotes from Hollywood people about the upcoming Superbowl. When I asked him on tape about it, he said, “I AM a Superbowl.”

7. What's coming up next?

Life (I’m retired)

8. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to my reader's attention? and (Doris Day Pet Foundation).

Alongside Biff I also want to thank his wonderful wife Connie for all her assistance. This interview couldn't and wouldn't have been possible without her.
If you want to know more about Biff and his career I ask that you please check out Biff's nephew's blog site,

I hope you enjoyed this interview. I know I sure did!
Until next time.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Interview with... Jack Grinnage

My next interview has some very interesting things to talk about, from the golden and silver era of Hollywood.
Or would that also be Bronze era? I forget the generational gaps...

Anyhow, Jack Grinnage appeared alongside James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause, and also alongside Elvis in King Creole.

Jack Grinnage also appeared in one of THE coolest supernatural TV shows of all time. I'm talking, of course, about Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Jack Grinnage.

1. What was it like to work on Rebel Without A Cause?

it was amazing, wonderful, and fun. It was my first movie with screen credit, although the credits where wrong, I played Moose, but credits say, Jack Grinnage as Chick. Beverly Long, and I had gone to college together at Los Angeles City College, done scenes together and a play. I called her in San Diego and told her she should get up to LA, that there was a Movie she should be in. ' She called her agent, and there she is. We worked long hours, we where a family, we went out after the shooting to become a gang, and played games on the set, sometimes with Jimmy. Nick Ray let us watch the daily's, if we didn't mention how we looked. Worked on day 24 hours, Where paid a full days pay for every hour over 14 I think. What ever the SAG rules where then. filmed in black and white for a week or two, then to color, had to change wardrobe. The leather jacket I wore was mine, and also wore it in King Creole. There it was ruined in the water.

2. What was James Dean really like?

I have been asked that so many times. He was Twenty Four year old young man. flooded with success from and incredible performance in " East of Eden" Having more money than he had ever had, Searching for who he was. He was mischievous, moody, inquisitive, and interested in the process of movie making. What works, what doesn't work. I was intimated by Jimmy, but eventually warmed up. A typical 24 year old, with the best of times, happening all around him. Attention all around, everyone wanting to be your friend. He stayed a distant from the gang at first, as it should have been for the character building. I had an incident in the film, driving a car through a very narrow space and pulling up quickly in front of Buzz's car and Beverly and I then hopping out and running back to talk. Action was called I floored the car, did a quick turn wheeled passed Buzz's car and slammed on the brakes. Bev and I jump out. Shoot done, After the shoot Jimmy walked up to me and said. "want to drive my car in the next road race?" I don't remember my answer. Beverly and I ran into Jimmy after film at Hamburger Hamlet, he was friendly and interested in what was going on with our lives. What where we all like at 24? or will be like when we are 24? A typical 24 year old, with a lot of success. That was Jimmy Dean.

3. Supernatural-themed shows are all the rage now. Please tell us about Kolchak: The Night Stalker.

I was originally only suppose to do just the one episode. The people at that time, like the character of Ron Updike and wanted to bring him in as a regular. I was leaving for Europe with my Grandmother at the time and said no to the 3 or 4 episodes they where offering. They kept coming back with more episodes and Co-Star Billing. I finally could not turn it down. Glad I didn't as it was one of the best experience I have ever had on a Television show. Working with Darren, Simon and Ruth was a great experience. And then there was Carol Ann Susi. We have remained friends through the years and just live a couple of block from each other. There seemed to be a great deal of turmoil surrounding the "Night Stalker "set. To this day I don't know what that was all about. I was never involved in that, I enjoyed going to work everyday. And
I still get mail from fans saying how much they liked the show. Great memories

4. What was it like to work with Elvis Presley in King Creole?

Good job, I had several interviews for television shows the day I auditioned for King Creole. I did not think I would book the film. I was interviewed by Hal Wallis and Michael Curtis. I was overwhelmed. The walk from the doorway of Mr. Wallis office to his desk, seemed like eight blocks. With trophies, memorably awards, all lining the walls as I walked toward his desk. I could hardly speak. Fortune Dummy was a non hearing non speaking individual so it worked. I was later told, I had the worst interview personally of any actor they had interviewed. Original the part had been cast with another actor. He thought the part to small so turned it down. Lucky for me. I didn't meet Elvis until the day I work. When I also met Vic Morrow and Brian Hutton. Elvis was very professional, and polite, During the dime store scene, between takes while they where setting up different shoots, he would play his guitar and sing. Lots of celebrities came on the set. When we went to New Orleans I saw him in the morning when we would drive out to the locations. One morning while we where sitting in the limousine. He said you want to see something. I said what? He roiled down the window and on the street where thousands of girls, he yelled, hey there. They screamed and started running toward the car. He said to the driver drive, drive. and away we went. He know his effect on the lady's. Elvis also helped me make a decision, about the fall from the dock. I was originally told I would be double for the fall, but come the day, no double. I ask if Walter was going to do the fall they said know. It was my last shot of the film. And they didn't care if I was hurt or not. I felt if I didn't do the fall I would be blacklisted as uncooperative. And never work again. But Elvis said, if you do the fall and get hurt, you may never work again either. They wanted to offer my more money. I said know and walked back to the limousine and sat their wondering what I had done. They found one of the crew to do the fall. But they didn't have double cloths, so I had to give them my cloths for the shot. Then we changed cloths again I got into the wet cloths and got in the water. Nervous day. Years later I ran into Elvis, when I was working at 20th Century Fox, And he said your still working. Good man good memories and a very pleasant experience with the King.

5. What prompted you to work on the TV show, Scrubs?

They offered me the job. and I like to work.

6. What has been your favorite role so far?

I guess Ron Updike on "The Night Stalker"

7. What would be your ideal dream role?

My next job.

8. What’s coming up next?

At the moment, just the New Year.

9. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to my reader’s attention?

I was in the Marine Corp, the Toys for Tots, have always been the best. I helped collect toys when I was in the Corp.

Thank you Jack!
I wish you all my very best.

Please feel free to comment about this interview below.
Until next time.

Interview with... Sara Del Rey

I've never had the chance to interview a professional wrestler, until now.
Sara Del Rey certainly hammered this interview down. Knocking it to the floor, down pat!

I hope you enjoy my interview with professional wrestler, Sara Del Rey.

1. What does it take to be a professional wrestler?

Mostly it takes a tremendous amount of heart and dedication. I think as long as you are passionate about wrestling and never quit you can do well.

2. Was becoming a professional wrestler something you’ve always wanted?

No I never thought wrestlers were real people or that I could do what they did I just loved watching.

3. Since becoming professional, how has it altered your career as a wrestler?

It hasn't really I have always taken my training very serious and have always tried to present my self and act like a respectful person.

4. Have you done any convention work?

I occasionally do signings at conventions they are a lot of fun!

5. What would you like to do after wrestling?

I don't really know...there is so much to do in wrestling that I haven't thought about after.

6. What’s coming up next?

I want to be known as the best women's wrestler in the world so I'll be working on that.

7. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to my reader’s attention?

Make a wish is a great organization.

There you go! Budda-Bing, Budda-Boom!

Thank you for your time with this interview Sara. I wish you all the very best.

Please let me know what you think of this interview by commenting below.
Until next time.

Interview with... Lisa Armytage

Long time fans of the Aussie TV soap Neighbours will know of my next interviewee.

Lisa Armytage has also appeared in other TV shows such as The Flying Doctors, Prisoner, and A Country Practice.

It is with great honour that I bring to you my interview with Lisa Armytage.

1. How has appearing on Neighbours changed your life?

As an actor it enabled me to see myself in a different light - as someone with the potential to succeed, whatever the setbacks. Even now, many years on, and trying to re-establish myself in the UK, it remains my "calling card". I am often recognised - though sometimes people are not quite sure why! And it causes enough curiosity that it remains an opening to be considered for roles.
That's how it changed my life in the long-term. In the short-term, it gave me the surreal experience of being a recognised "celebrity" - with all the awkwardness that can sometimes bring, as well as the sense of success and confidence.

2. Is there a desire to return to the show?

To be honest - no. I don't think its a great idea to try and retrace my footsteps; but on the other hand, I would really appreciate being on another Australian series or soap for a while!

3. You’ve worked on some of Australian TV’s biggest hits. As an actor, how has this affected you?

I've had the luxury of having solid work on "Neighbours" for 18 months, (it could have been longer, but because of having very young children at the time, I decided to resign to spend more time with them.) That is a rare amount of tv experience to gain. It means you "grow up" as a performer in front of the cameras - making your mistakes and learning from them, and having the chance to see what works for you and what doesn't. I know now how to access a lot of emotion when its called for, and to really focus on the other actor, not on "how am I doin'?"! It was an opportunity to free up in front of the camera, to know that I can do it.

4. Can you please tell us about some of your work outside of television?

I came back to England at the end of 2003, and since then I've been working in theatre and in voice overs. In TV and film, I played rather serious roles, but the last few years have given me the opportunity to play, and discover comedy. I've had a number of comic roles, including, most recently, a broad Cockney character in a new farce called "No Expense Spared", at a studio theatre in the West End, (Jermyn Street Theatre). This was with a cast of very established British tv and theatre actors, including Joe McGann, Lysette Anthony and Joanna McCallum - a real challenge and finally, a great sense of achievement. (Take a look at pics and reviews on my website: also love doing voice overs - so much freedom that film and tv tends not to give in terms of range of casting. Doing animations in particular are great fun, and I'd love to do a lot more of this.

5. It seems the network channels have a short list of actors they select for drama. That being written, are you currently looking for more on-screen work?

Absolutely! I am determined to return to work in tv and film in 2011. In the UK the opportunities for roles have been slashed by about 2/3 in recent years with the recession biting deep into production, but although this means that the more established names are now taking roles they would not formerly have considered, it still means that experienced actors like myself, but without the high profile in the UK, can still have the opportunity of gaining the more modest roles, and growing from there as I become a more familiar name once again.

6. What would you like to do next?

Ideally, I would love to work in both the UK and Australia in tv and film, as well as continuing to work in UK theatre. I would also like to transfer my enjoyment of comedy from the stage to the screen. I have no intention of ever stopping this business while I am still enjoying it - there is so much still to do, to learn, and, most of all, to enjoy!

I hope you all enjoyed this interview. I thought it was a blast reading Lisa's responses.
Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blue Chips

I read the movie novel months before ever actually seeing this movie, but maybe that's what prompted me to sit down and watch.

Blue Chips is about college basketball, and the dirty side which rears it's ugly head because of it.

The novel was a nice tidy read, and this film is just pure fun to watch.

Here's the movie poster.

And here's the movie trailer;

We have Western University basketball coach Pete Bell (Nick Nolte), running the cleanest program in all the league.
Clean in that none of the players or management were bought out, or required sports agents.

Perhaps because of this coach Pete Bell is facing a four-year losing streak.
And that's where the drama lies. Does he go against his personal beliefs and sign up major players (at huge financial cost) to win some games, or does he continue with the clean program and face getting fired?

Here's Jenny Bell (Mary McDonnell), Pete's ex-wife and current school teacher.
Jenny and Pete separated because of Pete's frustration with the game of basketball, however Jenny's always there to make sure Pete stays on the right path.

I was surprised to see Ed O'Neill as the sports reporter looking to find some dirt on Pete Bell.
Ed's part in this works well and because I'm a fan of Ed O'Neill I found his scenes very interesting.

Whilst we have clean cut (and very frustrated) Pete Bell, on the flip-side we have the slimy and creepy Happy (JT Walsh). Happy is basically Pete's exact opposite, who offers Pete a way to win again. Pete just needs to sign a deal.
If this were a biblical movie, Happy would be the Devil.

The biggest draw card of this movie is of course Shaq. When this came out all the kids wanted to see Shaq, and see Shaq play.
In that regard this movie does not disappoint.
I'm not an enthusiastic basketball fan but even I found the game scenes enthralling.

Of course we also have Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway playing basketball.
That was a nice touch, because it can't all be about Shaq now, can it?

When this movie was released it was marketed at two sets of people. Young teenage boys, and their fathers.
The boys went to see the movie to see the basketball.
The father went to see the basketball, but also to see the drama involved around the game.

There's plenty of drama.

And plenty of Nick Nolte doing what he does best. Going off on tirades.
It's really a sight to see and to my mind I can think of no one who rants and raves better than Nick Nolte.

I give this movie a 7.5 out of 10.
I wasn't a fan of basketball before seeing this movie, and I still am not a fan, but even I'll admit this movie is something great.

Hope you enjoyed this review. Please let me know what you think.
Until next time!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Interview with... Francois Chau

Now for a real treat.
Growing up I was enthralled by the cartoon show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Of course once the first movie came out I was well and truly hooked.
I saw the second film with much enthusiasm.

About as much enthusiasm as when I interviewed my next celebrity. Francois Chau.

Appearing in films such as Rescue Dawn, Lethal Weapon 4, and Beverly Hills Ninja, Francois Chau also played the role of The Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret Of The Ooze.

So needless to say it was hard to hide my excitement in the following interview.

1. What is it like being part of some of TV and films biggest hits?

I always feel very lucky to be working on any project, as most actors will tell you. To be a part of a project that is popular, and is a "hit" is like winning the lottery. You never know when or if it's ever going to happen, but when it does, you just have to consider yourself extremely fortunate, and hang on for the ride. You also can't take it too seriously, because you know that sooner or later, the ride is going to end.

2. Which do you prefer, comedy or drama?

I prefer comedy, but I rarely get the chance to do it on film and tv. I guess I am usually typecast as the bad guy, which is fine with me.

3. Please tell us about your preparation work for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

My prep work for TMNT 2 consisted of reading all the graphic novels, and watching the first movie. my friend James Saito played "Shredder" in the first movie, and I wanted to keep it as consistent as I could with what they did in the first one.

4. Were you a fan of the comic prior to signing on for the sequel?

I am a big fan of comics in general so I was very familiar with TMNT.

5. The character is known the world over, so what was it like to bring Shredder to the big screen?

All I can say is it was a lot of fun playing "The Shredder". Doing that kind of over the top character is always a blast.

6. Have you done any convention work?

I have not done any conventions involving "Shredder" and TMNT. I have done one for "Lost", and that was great. The fans were incredibly nice, and of course, none of this would mean anything without the fans.

7. What’s coming up next?

There is nothing in particular coming up right now. I have been guest-starring on some different tv shows and keeping busy.

I want to thank Francois for his time during this interview.
I hope everyone enjoyed reading it. I was pumped to be able to bring it to you.
Until next time!