Thursday, April 19, 2012

Interview with... Butch Patrick

Oh boy was I excited to do this interview!

I mean, come on! Butch Patrick; Eddie Munster. Who wouldn't be jumping outta their skin to interview him?!

What follows is one of the shortest interviews I've done.

I hope you enjoy my interview with the extremely busy Butch Patrick.

1. You were in a few episodes of a fair few shows before The Munsters. What was it like being involved in such classics as The Untouchables, Mister Ed, and My Favourite Martian?

early shows were good training especially the Real McCoys

2. Why do you think the Munsters has endoured for all this time?

Family values & great writing and acting as well as special effects and make-up

3. What was your favourite part about playing Eddie Munster?

Cruising in the car!!

4. Have you been involved with the upcoming remake, Mockingbird Lane?

not as of today

5. You’ve recorded two singles for Eddie And The Munsters. Has music, and performing, always been an interest of yours?

I enjoy listening but not performing

6. What’s coming up next?

new radio report "Eddie's World" and 50 th anniversary book and tour PLUS a Halloween cruise.

7. Is there a charity or event you would like to tell my readers about?

yes Louise Harrisons Help Keep Music Alive and Marine Mammal Care Center and yes Lou is George (Harrison)'s older sister

For fun check out Butch's website

I want to thank the very busy and very cool Butch for his time.

All the very best to you Butch.

Until next time!

Interview with... Rey-Phillip Vivas Santos

For today's interview I bring you a stunt worker, actor, and body builder.

Of course I'm referring to Rey-Phillip Vivas Santos.

Rey-Phillip has worked on projects such as Blade 2, through to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

We discuss a range of topics, not simply about film and tv work.


1. What is it about physical fitness that appeals to you?

With me its the sense of achievement after finishing a tough workout. This also included confidence, health in your body feeling and looking better, seeing yourself improve week by week, pushing others, and also relieve stress. More importantly it helps for physical & mental well being.

2. Obesity and weight issues are something really taking hold on a lot of lives. How do you think physical fitness can become appealing for young people again?

Physical activity interventions may be effective in the development of healthy lifestyle behaviors among adolescents & young adults that will then translate into reduced risk for many chronic diseases and cancer. Any physical fitness can be dancing, local gym martial arts, and school sports (join a school team)

3. How did you get involved with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

I already had a competed in maritial arts championships before getting into entertainment so it was natural to get into acting and stunts. I first worked as a production assistant on set then eventually got hired assisting with stunts.

4. Please describe your time on the set of the show.

Fun but also It is very physically and mentally demanding with long days. It is never nine to five, One day you are going to work and you are doing fights, the next day you stand around doing nothing all day. Sometimes it’s a lot of hurry up and wait.

5. Have you done any other stunt work?

WMAC Masters, Michael Jackson's Ghosts, Blade 2, Dark Angel, and Stargate Atlantis

6. What’s coming up next?

Other than auditions and a few guest spots on "Days of Our Lives". I looking into two projects in development, a science fiction and the other a native american horror film with director Chris Eyre if all goes well with funding and the studios.

7. Is there a charity or event you would like to tell my readers about?

Yes its called The Actors Fund which is a nonprofit organization that assists anybody interested or involved in the performing arts. For more info go to:

I want to thank Rey-Phillip for his time doing this interview. It certainly is appreciated.
I hope you got a thrill out of Rey-Phillip's responses. I thought they were very great.

Until nex time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Interview with... Kate Adamson

What I love about this site is that it gives me the ability to communicate with a whole range of people. Firstly I wanted to interview movie stars and celebrities. I've since gone on to interview astronauts, directors, and writers.

This interview is something special though.

For those of you not familiar with Kate's story I ask that you read, and I hope you enjoy.

My interview with Kate Adamson

1. What motivates you?

I had one in a million chances to survive from a stroke that completely paralyzed me. I could do nothing but blink my eyes and communicate with blinking to the alphabet to spell out words. So I look at life so differently now. I love being able to share my experience and touch those who are going through any kind of adversity. I also like to touch those who may not be facing adversity but feel stuck and paralyzed in their lives. I have been given a second chance at life and try to make the most of it. By focusing on others the focus is taken off me. As the saying goes, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

2. Were there any butterflies in your stomach the first time you spoke publically?

Yes! And I still get butterflies in my stomach but being prepared really helps, taking a deep breath and remembering it’s about the message I am there to deliver. As a kid growing up in New Zealand my parents had enrolled us in speech lessons [elocution]. During our school holidays we entered speech and drama competitions. So I guess the seed was planted a long time ago. I have a twin sister and she would start crying the minute she had to go on stage, my mother would grab me and push me out on stage. I had no time to get nervous. Fast forward 30 years and here I am back on stage in front of people.

3. What can people get from hearing you speak on motivation?

After hearing my story and how I over came complete paralysis people can then apply what I learned in their own lives by focusing on what they CAN do and not focusing on what they can’t do. My story truly motivates and inspires people.

4. I’ve never been so I thought I’d ask, what is New Zealand really like?

Well my friend, it’s a fairly quick flight for you and I remember years ago a T.V. ad showing the countryside and the words, “Don’t leave home without seeing the country first.” It is stunning with plenty to do but just as equally beautiful are the people. There’s nothing like the Kiwi’s.

5. What’s coming up next?

Right now I am recording the audio version of my book Paralyzed but not Powerless. It is exciting to record this in my own voice with a somewhat hint of a Kiwi accent. Many stroke survivors are not able to read after their stroke and this allows them to hear a story of hope and encouragement. Stroke Awareness month is fast approaching here in the United States and my calendar is full with travel.

6. Is there a particular charity you would like to bring to my readers’ attention?

I think your National Stroke Foundation in Australia. Stroke week will be from September 10th through the 16th of 2012. This is a great time to learn about stroke and know the risk factors. Usually one thinks of someone older having a stroke but many young people have strokes.

I want to thank Kate for her time during this interview. If you'd like to know more about Kate's story please check out her website at

you can also purchase her book online, which I recommend.

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Please comment below.
Until next time.