Saturday, March 5, 2011

Interview with... Daisy Duxe

Don't ask me how I got in contact with my next interview. If you do I'll put on my best Schultz impersonation from Hogan's Heroes.

"I know nothing!"

Without further ado I would like to present to you my interview with Daisy Duxe.

1. How did you get involved in the adult film industry?

Reality kings found my website, which consisted of just naughty photos, nothing hardcore. They emailed me through that site offering me my first hardcore shoot.

2. What do you think is the appeal of the adult film industry? Both from an actor and from a fan's point of view?

For me initially the appeal was the money. However, within a month or two it was being self-employed. For a fan, I think it is the ultimate fantasy. If you can dream it up you can find it in porn.

3. What's next for your Southern Charms website?

My Southern Charms site has really only been kept active so my fans can see just me and contact me. I try to update as often as I can which is usually once a week.

4. Do you have a favourite actor you would love to work with?

At this point in my career I do have a few performers I would like to work with. Marcus London, Evan Stone & Vince Voyeur are the first names that pop in my head. Professional, fun sense of humor and awesome reputation.

5. What would be a dream role for you?

My dream role would be one that requires some acting. I like to be challenged and play roles that require more than just sex.

6. Porn parodies of famous TV & films have started coming on to the market. Is this something you'd like to be involved in?

I have honestly never watched a porn parody. I think adding the comedic side of porn to a movie is fun. That's why I enjoy the Behind The Scenes footage of a big project. I wouldn't mind being a part of one as long as I like the show it was portraying.

7. What’s coming up next?

My upcoming tour schedule is swamped. I have recently been named director of Skindustry events. March 27th we will be hosting Stripperfest 9, the largest competition in the midwest at On The Border in Franklin, WI. We will be crowning Queen of the Stage and Queen of the Pole...each winner will receive $1500 cash and a guaranteed cover of Midwest Nights. We have added a new category of Hottest Stripper and will be awarding our "Hottest Stripper" $750 cash. More registration, sponsor & event information can be found at We have also franchised out this event to other clubs and we will be hosting Stripper Palooza II at Angel's Gentlemen's Club in Kalamazoo, Michigan May 15th.

8. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to my readers' attention?

See nationwide tour schedule can be seen at

9. How do I go about asking for your autograph?

Any fan can get a free autographed picture by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Daisy Duxe 3338 Country Club Road, PMB 197, Valdosta, GA 31605. I do have a fan club you can join for $60 and it includes 1 autographed DVD, 1 autographed magazine & 1 autographed poster.

I want to thank Daisy for her time with this interview.
I'd say it was a blast, but that could imply anything!

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Until next time.

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