Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interview with... Rhonda Vision

I've interviewed actors, actresses, writers, voice-over professionals, even professional surfers.
Now for something a little different.
It's with great honour that I bring to you my interview with Rhonda Vision.

1. What exactly is www.rhondavision.com

RhondaVision is a tv show I have been doing for the last couple of years.
I have a 12 episode DVD available for purchase for $14.99.
Rhondavision started as a cable access show which aired in greater Los Angeles area and Seattle.
I am now filming of new season of RhondaVision with a new production crew to be purchased in the very near future.

2. How did you get this gig?

I created this show idea in the year 2000 with several writing partners.

3. Where do you see www.rhondavision.com in 5 years time?

I would love to see it on internet TV and or regular TV and for sale in video stores all over the world.

4. What's the most fan you've had on the site?

I get about 100 hits a day.

5. How do I go about asking for an autograph?

You can purchase my 12 episode DVD for $14.99(that will include shipping). I will autograph the set and you will be able to watch all my shows.!!

Sincerely, thank you Rhonda Vision!

What did you think of this interview? Please comment, or email me directly at mgbouw@yahoo.com.au
Until next time!

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