Sunday, April 4, 2010

Help! We need some help over here....

Suggestions needed/noted
I'm wanting to make this blogsite more entertaining for you folks.
I haven't mentioned it before but I really do appreciate each person who takes the time to click onto this blog. If you make a return visit I'm even happier.
And if you comment, albiet via Twitter, Facebook, email, or even in person, then hey, you just made my week!
So with that in mind, is there something you want to see on this blog?
Is there something I could do better?
Is there something I should never do ever again?
What can I do to make this a more fun time for you, and what can I do to get you to return?
I can be reached via my Facebook and Twitter pages, and also via
So if you decide to take the time to get in contact with me know that I will take what you say on board, and I will appreciate it.

Don't dally though, otherwise you could just miss me by that much.

1 comment:

  1. How about reviewing some decent movies for a change? Not everyone likes cannibals Maart...