Monday, January 30, 2012

Interview with... Kimberly Lynn Cole

I've interviewed a few horror actors on this site but this interview takes the cake!

I actually commenced this interview a few months ago but have only heard from the respondent now.

So I thank Kimberly Lynn Cole for her time with this interview, and for remembering me.

I hope you readers enjoy...

1. what is it like to work on a horror film?

Well it varies in many ways, its according to the budget mainly, and the director, location.
If its a big budget film as Body Snatchers was for Warner Brothers then its delightful and you are treated wonderfully all the way.
Sometimes when its a low budget film, everyone has to pitch in and work and even the actors and actresses will be pulling cables behind the scenes when they are not in the scene.haha I love all of the movies I have worked on. I love the whole horror genre and always have. My dream is to make my own horror films and I am working on that really hard. I am hoping to make THE TWO HEADED THING this summer or around Halloween time here at my haunted house called SCREAM FARM. We have already had several films and horror shorts made here the last one was SCREAM FARM written and directed by Jim O'Rear and it was a blast to do!

2. What can you tell us about The Coffin?

The Coffin seems to have been put on permanent hold since the gentleman who was producing and directing the film has been through some really life threatening health Issues and I wish Dan the best of luck and hope he recovers quickly. Thanks so much for asking about the film.

3. what do you think is the appeal of horror films?

I believe much of the appeal comes from a primeval instinct to be in the fight or flight mode, to fear our surroundings because we were built and designed for it, ancient man had to fear his surroundings day and night or he might be eaten by a sabre tooth tiger or giant sloth or trampled by a mammoth and so he had to be in tip top condition to survive and I think we have lost that fight or flight mode along the way because we have evolved and made our lives more comfortable and less frightful, more lazy so to speak and we miss that adrenaline rush that horror movies afford us. Being stalked by a knife wielding madman or a giant two headed mutant monster it gives us that rush that we are missing in our modern lives. Its just fun to be scared!

4. Do you work outside of film, for example theater?

I have done a few plays in high school and a few Christian plays, also have done runway and fashion modeling in the past, also was the vampire queen for a program for the Montgomery Zoo and did all their commercials for ten years. I have never had the pleasure of doing true
theater but I wish I had. I also am partners now on a
high end Auto Repair and Transmission Shop that makes really good money for my son who is going to be Pre-med next year, he has also been in some horror films with me such as Psycho Santa and a short on Southern Gothic that was written for him by Director Steve Sessions called HAVE YOU SEEN ME. its only out in the U.K.

5. What would your dream role be?

My Dream Role I hope I will be finally seeing come to fruition this summer and that will be directing, producing and acting in THE TWO HEADED THING.
its going to be lots of fun to do and feature a gigantic almost ten foot tall inbred circus mutant that is kept by a carnival circus family and carried around the country. I am trying to get the script together now and the crew. I am proud of every role I have ever been fortunate and blessed enough to have gotten and I love Horror Movies and will support them in any way I can.

I want to thank Kimberley again for her time with this interview. I had a blast reading her responses and I hope you did too.

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