Monday, January 16, 2012

Interview with... Clark Bartram

In 2003 I watched an 8-minute movie which showed me just how Batman should look on the big screen, well before Batman Begins was realised.

The man portraying Batman for this short film, Batman: Dead End, was Clark Bartram.

Clark is a professional trainer and body builder, and just simply a really nice guy.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Clark Bartram.

1. You've been dubbed America's Most Trusted Fitness Professional. How do you feel about that?

I actually made that tag line up…I was asked by a marketing firm to explain my message/approach to fitness and where I wanted to go with it and that is what we came up with. I feel it explains who I am and what I want to accomplish pretty clearly within a few words, like any good tag line should. I'm confident in my abilities, honest approach to helping people and know that I have a large impact.

2. What attracted you to hone your body to it's peak fitness protential?

My friends! I was bugged by all my buddies in the gym back in the early 80's to compete because they saw a potential in me to do something significant in the industry. I'm glad they did otherwise I doubt I would have done it on my own.

3. Good, healthy fitness is something many people strive for their whole lives. What advise would you give them?

a). Be realistic with your goals
b). Determine your "why" This is getting on a deep level as to "why" it's important for you to be in shape. Not just a simple answer like "I want to look better" That's too shallow. You need to dig deep on this one.
c). Be consistent…"Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither is a healthy body. It's nt about a 12 week contest, a photoshoot or a high school reunion. It's about a lifestyle adjustment that is something you can live with and more importantly teach your children.

d). Hire a nutritionist to start. You really need to know what you are eating and why. Following my program or another fitness models will not suffice. You need specific directions on what works for you.
e). Be patient…refer to point c.
f). Have fun with it
g). Get a partner, you will get more lasting results with a great training partner

h). Love yourself now, if you don't currently appreciate the uniqueness that God made you with now, losing 10 or twenty pounds won't change a thing

4. How did you get involved in the short film, Batman: Dead End?

A friend of mine called me after he received a call from the writer and director Sandy Collora. Sandy was looking for a muscular guy who could move athletically "like a ninja" and was having a hard time finding someone. He saw my buddies card in a Starbucks, it had bodybuilders on it and he figured he would give him a call to see if he knew someone who fit what he was looking for. When my friend heard the description, he immediately thought of me and called me and asked me to call Sandy. I was reluctant at first because part of the description was he needed to be about 6'2", I'm 5'8"…big difference. Well, long story short, I read for the part and Sandy liked me and we pretty much made a cult classic with Batman Dead End.

5. What was the reaction like to the film?

AMAZING. Imagine 4,000 screamimng people standing on their chairs screaming when they saw Batman stand up with his cape surrounding him. It was nuts. I still get e-mails and interview requests today, what 7 years later? It's crazy.

6. What was it like to portray Batman on film?

Awesome, such an iconic character and having the opportunity to be a part of Batman history. I've seen some very humbling comparisons to other big screen actors who have dawned the cowl. It's very cool and something I'll cherish forever.

7. You've since shot two more films with Sandy Collora. What's coming up next?

We are doing another film called Shallow Water, this one will be a horror film shot on location in Mexico very close to where we shot Hunter Prey. Which if you haven't seen that yet, it worth the rental fee on Netflix.

8. Is there a charity or event you would like to bring to my readers' attention?

Just be a giver, be open to helping whatever is on your heart. Could be your Church, a person on the street, a family member or a big charity. I feel it's important to be open to sharing time, money, efforts to help someone in need.

For more info on health and fitness plus some cool movie stills I highly recommend you check out Clark's site at

I want to thank Clark for his time during this interview.

I look forward to your comments.

Until next time!


  1. Great interview. I enjoyed it.

    Wally Bouw

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