Sunday, January 2, 2011

My (almost) interview with... Jeff Bridges

With every entry into my blog I attempt to bring you something which will make you sit up and take notice.
The subject has to be something I find personally enjoyable, otherwise what's the point in my doing this?
Case in point. Jeff Bridges.

I have just come from seeing Tron: Legacy, and despite paying a ridiculous amount of money to see a 3D movie I loved every minute of it.
Of course it's not as good as the original Tron, but it certainly has an excitement about it. There's also some underlying message in the movie too, which I thought was pretty interesting.

But anyhow, back to Jeff Bridges.
If you've clicked on this blog then you pretty much already know who Jeff is and what movies his appeared in.

Yep, The Fisher King.

Here he is in True Grit (which I can't wait to see).

Oh yeah, Starman. Brilliant.

And of course, he was in Iron Man.
Loved every scene he was in too.

When I was going through my sources to find someone interesting to interview I almost jumped out of my chair when the possibility of interviewing Jeff Bridges came up.

I was certainly very excited.
I had tracked down Becky, an assistant to Jeff Bridges management team. It was a long shot I'll agree, but read on.
Quick smart I sent off this email below (the email addresses have been removed for privacy reasons).
on 10/30/10 2:28 AM, Maarten Bouw at xxx@xxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Becky,
I hope this email finds you well.
I’m writing as I’m a fan of Jeff Bridges.
I also run a movie review blog site at
I was wondering if I might ask him a few questions in relation to his career.
Looking forward to hearing from you in this regard.
Maarten Bouw.

I then received this response;
From: Becky [xxx@xxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, 9 November 2010 11:31 AM
To: Maarten Bouw
Subject: Re: interview request
Not sure if I already replied to this.
I sent this on to the management channels to consider.
Best of luck,

To which I responded;
on 11/9/10 10:30 AM, Maarten Bouw at xxx@xxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Becky,
Thanks for your help.
And no, you hadn’t emailed me already.
Not to worry.
Thanks again for your great help.
If you ever need anything please let me know.
Maarten Bouw.

Wed 10/11/2010 5:56 AM
Have a good day.

I waited patiently for Becky's response and was praying for a go-ahead to start the interview process.
I was even making a short list (in my mind) about what to ask Jeff...
Then I got this email.
Just got word that Jeff is not available to give an interview.
So sorry,

I thanked Becky for her time and patience, as it was very much appreciated. I left an open invitation to conduct the interview with Jeff.
So, we'll see.

Thought you guys might find that a cool story nonetheless.
Until next time!

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