Monday, September 6, 2010

Interview with... Kelsey Matheson

It's always fun to interview a multi-talented actress.
Kelsey Matheson-McCord has done work for TV, film, and even video games. So yeah, I think she qualifies as multi-talented.
I just hope my wife doesn't mind my interviewing such an attractive actress...

1. Which do you prefer, voice over work or film?

I enjoy both, but I prefer film work. I love the interaction among the other cast members and the crew while on a film set - you don't get the same type of dynamic in voice normally. When I’m on a film set and I get a sense of being away at summer camp then I know it’s a great experience and I’ll walk away with a lot of great memories.

2. What appeals to you, working on video games?

Currently what appeals to me is working on something like the Planet Earth or Life series. I’m fascinated by those two BBC series and I fantasize about traveling with a crew and scuba diving to capture some rare footage of humpback whales, or spending time in Africa to film the gorillas. That would be a dream job.

3. Have you ever attended a video game convention?

I’ve never attended a video game convention but they sound like a ton of fun. If someone hired me play one of the characters at a convention, I would definitely be interested in the gig and I know I’d have a great time! Do people do that? I’m sure they do.

4. What was it like working on Dracula 2000?

Dracula 2000 was a blast. My scene as a stripper isn’t actually in most cuts of the film but I was also the body double for Colleen Fitzpatrick so I spent a lot of time on set. Peter Pau was the DOP and probably one of the most memorable people from the crew. He was such a professional and so lovely to work with.

Working with Christopher Plummer was also a special treat. That man is the epitome of class. What a gentleman.

5. What would be a dream role for you?

The dream role for me would be a situation where I could play multiple characters. For example, a script where my character suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder…or a script where I play twins. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of playing multiple characters within the same project.

6. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to our attention?

I’m the Director of Operations for a non-profit organization called the First Weekend Club. FWC is a national organization that helps to promote great Canadian film. Unfortunately in Canada our shooting budgets are so minimal that filmmakers have no funds for promotion and can’t compete at the box-office with huge American blockbusters. So FWC works with filmmakers, distributors, and exhibitors in building awareness about Canadian films. Check us out: It’s free to join!!

7. What’s coming up next for you?

I just had a baby girl named Maya Rose so my time these days is spent mostly with her. I’m also the co-owner of a new retreat center in Costa Rica called Anamaya so I’m busy with that as well

I’m someone who always has a few irons in the fire. I thrive on being busy and productive.

In 3 weeks the Toronto International Film Festival is starting and for me it’s the busiest 10 days of the year so I’m also gearing up for that. There will be a lot of meetings, parties, networking receptions, and (of course) films!! It’s a crazy time for me but always a good time. You can follow my live blog during the festival at I’ll be blogging at all the parties and screenings – giving people a sneak peek into TIFF.

So there you go guys, check out Kelsey personally at and be sure to join up to check out her live blogging. Should be interesting stuff indeed!

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