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Interview with... Debbie Dutch

I always love interviewing horror genre actors because they're always so enthusiastic about their work.
And none more so than Screen Queen Debbie Dutch!
I want to thank Debbie for her time with this interview. Debbie goes into incredible detail about her work, and it's a very fascinating read.
Hope you enjoy.

1. You’ve been titled as a Scream Queen. How do you feel about that?

I LOVE IT!!!!!I feel eternally youthful because I have to keep up with the modern rhythm of the entertainment world.My fans r loyal til the end,appreciate me, my work,& art & respect who I am!It's given me the GREAT opportunity to meet so many beautiful people,work in wonderful projects for the media,(your interview included),travel,appear in fabulous shows across the country& make some nice money.It is an honor & a privilege,& I want to repay my debt of gratitude by helping the next generation to make their Dreams Come True...I also want to add that when I first was crowned a "Scream Queen" it was the "APEX" of this HOT TREND.I was in w/the ORIGINAL Scream Queens!We also had Tee Shirts,Coffee Mugs & trading cards not only w/our picture & signature on them,but also our lip prints!#

2. What about the horror genre appeals to you?

I've ALWAYS LOVED the Horror Movies since I was a little girl.Bella Lugosi as Dracula & Boris Karloff as Frankenstein have been great influences.Halloween has ALWAYS been my Fave Holiday!I LOVE dressing up & creating "Horror Intriguing Alter Egos &Persona's"!!!! I'm fascinated & scared by Death & the Unknown.I love anything super natural or Ghosts & Spirits from the other side.I believe that there is a connection between life & Death,a fine seemingly invisible line,"Beyond the Border"!

3. Can you please tell us about your modelling work?

I modeled 4 PLAYBOY mag in the late 80's,& then of course 4 the Horror Mags,VAMPIROTICA,SCREAM QUEENS ILLUSTRATED,SCREAM BEAT,PLATINUM & Movie mags,"Celebrity Skin","Cinema"(in Europe),"FEMMES FATALES"& many sets of trading cards.I also modeled extensively for a graphic artist, Larry Barsky who owns the company "Art Asylum"I posed 4 many Movie posters & Box Covers.1 of my High lights was posing 4 the famous photographer,Levon Perion.I'm also in his book.I have to give adulation to a great celebrity photographer,Jon Cottam from London & was honored to b in his London Photograph exhibit!I also currently model frequently w/Debbie D a celebrity Scream Queen Internationally in our "The Double D's" production company.We've had pictorials in 5 Issues of the popular mag,"Celebrity Sleuth""GIRL-GIRL POWER",& I've appeared in a solo layout in "Woman 2 Woman" &"Women of Fantasy"Celebrity Sleuth Issues.I also do custom modeling 4 Fans & various Companies.My modeling career continues I very much enjoy the varied & creative wardrobe,Hair & make-up.I remember working w/David LaChapelle,the well known famous photographer & music Video director for Elton John & many huge Rock Stars & being wardrobed in an Authentic 70's disco cat suit all in champagne gold & rhinestones from Paris.Size 0,(very rare)4 an Elton John Music video,"Good-Bye Yellow Brick Road" that premiered @ CAESAR'S PALACE when Elton John played there.Definitely a "Golden Memory".It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!& GOT PAID WELL!!!

I was on the COVER of SCREAM QUEENS ILLUSTRATED,DRACULINA,(a pictorial interview by Peter Evanko & published by Hugh Gallagher),SCREAM BEAT,& VAMPIROTICA,as a Model!

4. Have you done much work at conventions?

I've done a lot of conventions,but not as much as I could because I'm still very active working & pursuing my acting work & teaching Yoga.It would remove me from my immediate arena by traveling & "taking off".However,there are several cons that I appear @ regularly!Kevin Clement's,The CHILLER THEATRE,1 of the Best Horror Cons in the World,"The SuperMega Show",Ken Laurence Director,Definitely a FAVE on the East Coast,also Gary Lyon's,"The Gotham Collector's Shows",in N.Y.C.& Mickey Sinardi's "Showstopper's Stars Spectacular" here in L.A. & MOST RECENTLY A new cool con,"THE L.A.ROCKIN'COMICON"Produced by Cindy B!I've appeared in many other Conventions 2 name a few:FANGORIA,GLAMOURCON,EXOTICON,REZNHEDZ,(Chicago)COMICON(SanDiego), The Collector's Show,By CREATION ,SCI-FI HORROR CON,The BIG SHOW,& MONSTERS AMONG US.They're ALWAYS A BLAST!!!I get 2 see so many friends & fans both new & old,devoted to the sci-fi/horror genre.I party & have fun & almost always get a new gig from appearing since many Directors who r putting together new projects come looking for actors!Cons r a Fabulous event to continue to fulfill my mission as an actress,make money & have FUN!& Most importantly LIVE my life from my heart & express my love & appreciation for making my Dreams Come True!Another thing I LOVE about conventions,they always take place in a Beautiful Hotel & I LOVE TO STAY IN HOTELS!!!!!Room Service,Free Champagne,Big Beds w/chocolate on my pillow b4 I go 2 sleep,wake up calls,everything fresh & new, towels,sheets,etc.,luxury Bath Tubs,swimming pools & make-up mirrors in the vanity room!---

5. What would be a dream role for you?

My Dream Role is "The Hollywood Warrioress"!It's a role that I created from an inspiration 4 a photo shoot w/Jonas Mohr from Europe 4 the European edition of Penthouse & Cinema magazine.He was doing a pictorial story on the top "B" movie starlets in the U.S.A. & I was chosen 4 the article!He asked me what persona am I known as?I said that it seems I'm always a Femme Fatale being pursued by "Bad" entities,both human & non-human & I'm either killed or I kill them!My weapon of choice is usually a sword,so I consider myself a Warrior!We shot under the Hollywood sign,& the rest is part of my destiny.I've been modeled as the "Hollywood Warrioress"as an action statue,been in the Hollywood Christmas parade & was filmed in Alexander Lehr's,"The Dream of Alvareen" playing the Warrioresss!I've created a screenplay soon to b produced on the silver screen starring as the "Hollywood Warrioresss"!This character is my alter-ego.I practice Buddhism & chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to attain World Peace & the happiness of all humanity. I translated my faith & breathed this life force in2 this character.I believe in having faith & overcoming all our obstacles,being victorious over our unhappiness,making the Impossible Possible. & making our dreams come true & never b Defeated!This is my mission & also The Warrioress's!I can share this experience w/ others so that they can be encouraged to challenge & win in their lives 2!She also falls in love & shows the power of our heart & a woman's sexuality.It is a multi-faceted role & demonstrates the power,love,compassion,truth,justice,purity,vulnerability & eternity of a woman in the modern world combating against the Demon of evil,the age-old battle.

6. What’s coming up next?

My most recent feature film release is titled,"Vampiress:Lady of the Night"Directed by Philip Cable.I star in it & am Associate producer!I love my role as Danielle,a prostitute who becomes a Vampire!It received a rave review by Brian Kirst of the well known horror website,www.horrorsociety.com.I also was on their talk radio show.Vampiress will be screened nationwide in various film festivals & will be on sale on Amazon.com!i also just finished filming the 2nd episode of "Destiny,the Vampire Mermaid" in which I have a Guest Starring role w/Debbie D who plays Destiny. The episode is titled Death In The Dark and it was directed by William Pietrzak, screenplay by Bob Statzer. We filmed in a studio castle w/authentic wardrobe & props.It is an interesting Vampire story w/a unique twist,beautiful woman,Handsome Count Dracula,sex,blood ,sword fights & mystery.I don't want to give away the plot,I want it to b a surprise!I play an historical Pirate,Mary Reid & carry a big sword. It was an Amazing acting experience!Everyone on the movie is GR8!!!!!There's also a new book published about me,"Debbie Dutch,A Scream Queen in Pictures"!It's published by Michael Enoches & is beautifully illustrated!It's on sale on Amazon.com.Also,pls check out my website,www.DebbieDutch.com orchestrated by Andy Neal a talented artist & producer.I want to thank all my friends & fans & especially you Maarten 4 giving me this golden opportunity to share my experience.thank-you from the bottom of my heart!I send all my love & Blessings & hope 2 meet u someday in person,Debbie Dutch

Thanks again to Debbie for all her correspondence, and kind words. They're always appreciated.

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  1. great interview,and a great woman too.

  2. great interview,and she is a sexy woman too.i love her too.she is wonderful too.i would love to date her.