Friday, March 19, 2010

Lesbian Vampire Killers

It's like an adult version of Scooby Doo.

That's what I told my wife when she came home half way through me watching this and asked, "just what are you watching?"

Here's the movie poster.

I remember when this movie came out in the cinemas I deliberately bypassed it. It just didn't seem to be something I would be interested in at all.

Now, my twin brother is a Doctor Who fan and has the chance to interview one of the Doctors at a convention. Instead of just discussing Doctor Who however he asked me to track down this movie, in which Paul McGann stars as The Vicar.

Needless to say my brother has now watched the film and has been talking it up since. I figured that if I didn't watch it this evening I wouldn't hear the end of it.

All in all I'm glad I did. But only margainly.
I think the movie has been talked up too much so in my mind I was expecting something a little more.

Here's an image of Jimmy (Mathew Horne). Jimmy is the main star of the film and keeps the story moving along.
Actually the plot is quite complex, which I found surprising. However it's okay because in the end it doesn't really matter.

It is a comedy afterall, so if you're going to give it a watch just sit back with some popcorn, crack open a beer, and enjoy.

Even though Jimmy is the main star of the movie his best mate Fletch (James Corden) gets most of the screen time. He also gets a vast majority of the laughs.
Have a look at this image. Yep, those are breast implants his holding on to.
This should give you a fair idea of the humour involved.

There's also a lot of swearing. I mean, a #$*!ing lot of swearing.

There's also a lot of hot chicks. Too many infact.
By the end of the movie I was a little over all the seductive dancing and make-out sessions. Sure it's good if you're a horny 14-year old with an entertainment system set up in his room, and a lockable door.

For me, being the end of the working week... meh. Haha.

That being written, Lotte (MyAnna Buring) brings a lot more than good looks to her role.
Lotte actually turns out to be a likeable character. She has some good dialogue and is believeable as the papranormal researcher/vampire hunter.

She's also (and I'll quietly scream this)... Hot AS!

Here's the aforementioned Paul McGann as the Vicar, along with the rest of the main cast.
I have never seen him in any other production but I'm sure a lot of Doctor Who fans would dig the fact that he swears black and blue in this film.

And here's the head vampire, Carmilla The Vampire Queen (Silvia Colloca).

I should mention that the opening credits to the movie had me thinking it was going to be a montage to B-grade schlok-horror movies of the 1960's, especially when I saw Carmilla's hair-do.
"We're in for a treat here," I thought.
This movie is so much more though.

If all you're going for is the B-grade value, then it may be a bad thing.
I must confess, I was kind of leaning this way.
So ultimately I ended the movie disappointed.
However the special effects are really something to behold. For something which was marketed at an obviously bad movie the production values are truly top notch.
As is the editing. Each scene ends with a flipping of the screen, like you're turning the pages of a book. I thought that was kind of snazzy.
I'll let you make up your own mind here with the movie trailer;

I'll end this review by stating that this film displays, quite honestly, THE best way to introduce a slew of hot girls to the cast. Wow.

6 points out of 10.
Please let me know what you think of this movie, especially if you decide to watch it based on my review.

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  1. "Jimmy's not the Messiah, he can barely wipe his own arse!"
    Now that's pure comedy gold right there!
    Good review too, Maart.