Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fight Club

And now, something for the ladies....

The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.
It's also the second rule, but this is a movie review so I have to discuss it at least a little.
I'll try to make it fun for you though, okay?

This came out in 1999, based on a cult novel of the same name by author Chuck Palahniuk.
I read the novel before I saw the movie. In fact I didn't really know much about the movie until I bought the book and read the blurb "now a movie starring Edward Norton & Brad Pitt."
So I hired the video and gave it a watch. Both the book and the movie have good things going for them.
The book, as is usually the case, delves into the reasonings behind the characters a little more.

Here's the movie poster.

Supposedly this movie was a hard sell for the studio, despite starring Brad Pitt; who was by now a big drawcard. Thelma And Louise was 8 years ago at this time, and Pitt could put bums on the sits, but even still a movie with this storyline was a bit of a risk.

Studios hate risk. And when monies involved, rightly so.
With this in mind the studio only gave the production a certain amount of money. The actors agreed to star at a reduced pay, except for Pitt.
It could be argued that if Brad Pitt had've taken a pay cut, then this movie may have been more successful at the box office.
This is a null-point though as the movie is now a cult classic, more than making it's return in VHS and DVD sales.
Hey, I have my copies. Do you? :)

The story of the film is that Edward Norton's character cannot sleep.

He's an office worker for a major car manufacturer, and he cannot sleep.
The film is about the lengths he will go to to get some rest.
And maybe have a little fun in the meantime.

Word Of Advise:
Don't watch this movie, and especially don't read the novel, if you're depressed.
My God, it'll get you in the dulldrums quicker than a Smashing Pumpkins concert.

Case in point; Edward Norton's character joins a cancer support group at his local church.
Then he joins another, and another.
He soon stumbles upon Bob (Meatloaf).
As the narrative goes, "Bob had bitch-tits."

See what I mean?

Big shoutout to Meatloaf on this performance too. He's a stand-out.

After Edward Norton's character is finished hugging up to Bob's bitch-tits he soon bumps into Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter).
Marla's another bleak character, but at least she has a bit of fun about it.

Marla spends some time trying to get Edward Norton's character into bed, but to no avail.
He's too strung-up on his own issues.

This is where Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) steps up to swing his bat.

Judging from the look on Marla's face, he hit a home run.

In the novel, and especially in the movie, Tyler Durden represents all that is most desired in a man. Good looks, money, casual attitude, a heathly distaste for authority, and a huge amount of confidence.

I mean, Tyler's just dripping with confidence. No wonder the women love Brad Pitt so much.
So much so that I thought I would supply a Pitt montage for all my lady readers.
I hope you enjoy (please let me know how you go).

(I'm still looking out for a similar jacket, by the way).

And there you go. Hope you had fun ladies.

Now, when he wasn't busy banging Marla into next week Tyler would also conduct Fight Club.
For those of you who do not know, Fight Club is a quiet little get-together for guys who want to kick the living snot out of one another.

As the quote goes; "How can you know yourself if you've never been in a fight?"

Now, Fight Club satisfies both Tyler Durden and Edward Norton's character for a while....

Until Tyler takes it up a notch with "Project Mayhem."

And that's where the fun begins.

Tyler makes and sells soap, by the way. Hence the pink soap on the movie poster.

Here's the trailer

If you want to buy the DVD
Fight Club
If you want to buy the Blu Ray
Fight Club (10th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]

If you want to buy the book
Fight Club: A Novel

If you want to buy the (excellent) cd
Fight Club: Original Motion Picture Score

Now, I could go into a whole long rant about the fools who have been taken in by the appeal of Fight Club, and actually practice it in underground parking lots, and warehouses, from city to city across the world.
Honestly, I can see the appeal of it all.
But I'm of the mind that if you're into all of this because of the movie, than you're missing the point.
Read the book, and if you still don't get it, read it again.
Okay, rant over.
I give this movie an 8 out of 10. I've just rewatched the trailer which I've linked above, and yep, based on this I believe the movie is still top notch.
So if you liked it, loved it, hated it completely and utterly, please let me know.
I'd love to hear from you guys (and girls).
What did you think of this review? Please comment, or email me directly at mgbouw@yahoo.com.au
Until next time.

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