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The film that was banned by Canberra.
Yep, this little gem of French cinema was deemed too much for the sensitive movie-going audience of our great Southern land.
What a crook. Harden up Australia.

This movie came out in 2000 for about half a day. In 2005 I tracked down a copy of it on DVD whilst in London. I thought I'd get stopped by customs on my way back into Australia but nope, they didn't seem to mind.

Luckily too. It's a brutally harsh, sexually fierce film. It's certainly worth watching if French cinema is your thing.
I guess you could watch it for the hard-core nudity and sexual acts by the two lead actresses (both porn stars), but I should warn you, there's some brutal violence in this film also.
In particular the first scene sets the stage (and the story) for the audience.
If you're going to watch it, you need to commit to it. And for the right reasons.

Here's the movie poster.

I am lucky enough to own the novel to this movie, which gives a great understanding as to why the two women do the things they do.

Here we have Nadine (Karen Lancaume).
This image alone should tell you she's not to be messed with.

Equally so this image. You can tell somethings ticking away in that noggen of her's.

The story goes that these two women, Nadine (Karen Lancaume) and Manu (Raffaela Anderson) have had enough of the men in their city. I'm not talking about men the likes of which found in Thelma And Louise. These men are scum. Pure and simple, scum.

They do whatever they want, to whomever they want, with no thought to the consequences of their actions.

After the first scene it's clear Manu cannot take any more, and wants revenge. Equally so Nadine.

They want to make the men pay, but much like the men they always want to live to the extreme.
If it's good enough for the men to take and do what they want, it's more than good enough for Nadine and Manu.

And rightly so.

Here's some images of Manu (Raffaela Anderson). Much like the last image of Nadine you can tell something's going on upstairs for her.

I don't think she's too pleased with this fellow in this scene.....

As I wrote above, this movie was banned in Australia by Canberra. In fact I could even get into trouble for posting this blog here now!
However if you're a film buff and you're serious about your cinema, you need to watch this.
Baise-Moi is an example of cinema at it's most pure.

"Margaret Pomeraz?!" you might be thinking?
I seem to recall that Margaret was a firm believer in this film, and a believer in the point of this film.
She understood the need for a film like this to be made available for people to watch, and take in, and to hopefully appreciate.
Unfortunately I have no way of contacting Margaret which is a shame as I'd love to have a Q'n'A session with her about this, and many other films.
Here's the movie trailer;
To purchase the DVD, you can do so by clicking here

To purchase the soundtrack, please click here
Baise-Moi Le Son!

If you wish to purchase the novel, please click here
Baise-Moi (Rape Me)

I will give this movie 9 and a half out of 10. I've dropped it down half a point due to the fact that I believe some of the people whom read this blog may not be interested in seeing this.
And that's fine. There's nothing wrong whatsoever with you not seeing this movie.
That brings up a good point to the existence of this film. Being, you may not want to see this movie but it is out there and available to you at any time if you wish to.
God bless cinema.
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