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Blade: Trinity

Say it with me, "I think I can, I think I can...."
On the back of the excellent first and second film for Blade comes this 2004 movie sequel. Blade: Trinity.
Personally I would've gone with Blade 3, but I wasn't involved with the production so what do I know?

Here's the movie poster. Looks pretty slick doesn't it? I like it.

This poster, along with the image below were the only promos I had seen for the movie in a
LONG while before the full trailer came out

As such I was literally hanging to see what the film was like.

Doesn't this image of Blade (Wesley Snipes) just look cool?
He's half-human, half-vampire. All of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. The inside of the jacket makes him look like Bela Lugosi's Dracula also, I reckon.

Along for the ride are two new recruits. Gun-totting swear-a-second ex-vampire Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds).

And Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel).

Hannibal King is one of my favourite comic book characters so when I read he was appearing in this film, and that Ryan Reynolds was playing the part, I was intrigued.
The final product is a lot different to what I've read in the comics. Am I pissed about it? Not really. Ryan does a good job with the character his given. I thought his swearing was put in just to get the kiddies excited.
"Oh, he said **** and ****. Hee hee hee hee." Okay.

Abigail Whistler is the illegitimate daughter of Abraham Whistler (below).
I thought this was an interesting inclusion into the movie, especially seeing as New Line Cinemas don't hold the rights to the Val Helsing name, and as such couldn't include Dr Rachel Van Helsing (from the Tomb Of Dracula comic).

After giving two great turns in the previous movies we get a somewhat wooden performance for Whistler (Kris Kristofferson).
Halfway through the film I felt like Kris had turned up for this movie just to get a pay packet, which is disappointing as I really like what he did with the character previously.
My opinion of the actor hasn't diminished though. He's still top quality value, so I recommend you track down some of his other work like Fire Down Below, Payback, or Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (or as I call the movie, Who The **** Is Alice?).

In the first film Blade went up against Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff), and then Nomak (Luke Goss) in Blade 2.
For this outing we have the original vampire, Dracula. After living such a long life his name has now been changed to Drake.
In the comic books there was a decendant of Dracula called Frank Drake. Why they didn't use this character is beyond me. Again, I had no role to play in the production of this movie, so what do I know?
Drake is played by Australia's own Dominic Purcell (Prison Break). I'm not sure if it's the dialogue he was given, or if he was in need of some more acting lessons, but his performance here is pretty poor.

He's a bulked up actor though, so I guess the ladies wouldn't mind seeing that on the big screen.

Meanwhile I'm busy checking out the acting talents here.

I was at a meet and greet signing for the movie, during the promotional run here in Melbourne and was lucky enough to meet Jessica Biel for about 3 seconds.
She's short. Shorter than I thought she would be. She's lovely too. Just a very nice person.

Also easy on the eyes (if you're into goth chicks in office attire) is Danica Talos (Parker Posey). In this scene Danica is whispering into Blade's ear telling him she's going to give an annoying performance in the Superman Returns movie.
She's actually pretty entertaining for this film, and if you're a Parker fan you should come away pleased.

But then you also have to contend with the wrester come wanna-be actor, Triple H.
I won't go into a rant about why wrestler's think they can branch out to movies. I think you can tell my stance on this subject anyway.
I will write though, I do like a majority of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's movies.
Haha. D-Wayne.

Now, the plot of the movie is lost on me somewhat, so this image above just gives you an example that maybe the director was going for style more than substance. But with top-notch looking talent, why wouldn't you?

There is something in the plot about Drake having the same abilities as Blade, and therefore they hate each other and want to kill one another.
Because they are so alike than they can't co-exist.
For me, being a twin, this doesn't make much sense. Sure my brother and I got into our share of fights but we never wanted to kill each other due to not being able to co-exist.

A highpoint in the film is the scenes invovling Hedges (Patton Oswalt). Hedges has about two or three scenes and is hilarious in them all.
If you're up for a little Patton Oswalt action you can check him out in the film, Big Fan.
Here's the trailer.

Patton also have a very funny website, here.

As I wrote above, the plot is somewhat secondary in this movie. About two-thirds of the way through it seems Blade is in it less, with Abigail and Hannibal King appearing more and more.

Word on the production was that Wesley Snipes wasn't too interested in the rewrites by director/writer David S Goyer, and became somewhat difficult to work with.
I can understand his frustration though. This is a big character role for him so for him to become secondary is a bit of an insult.

But I can see what Goyer is also doing herealso, as this film was also meant as a spin off for Abigail and Hannibal King, into a movie which was to be titled Nightstalkers.
It didn't happen.

Now, for something fun!

I want my readers to answer this very important question; who is hotter?
Jessica Biel (above)

Or Parker Posey?

Feel free to discuss your reasons for your decision.

Another reason Wesley Snipes may be upset about appearing in this film was the mass-alteration for the storyline.
According to an interview David S Goyer gives on the DVD, the original story was that vampires had taken over the world and were storing the remaining humans in mass blood-banks. Extracting as much blood from them as possible in order to feed the vampire nation.
This sounds surprisingly a lot like the Ethan Hawke movie, Daybreakers, doesn't it?

If I were New Line I'd be having a chat to my lawyers about this one....

When Jessica Biel did the promotion for this movie in Melbourne she brought along both Ryan Reynolds, and David S Goyer (the Director).
I was lucky enough to meet them all and I should say, they were geniunely nice people who just happen to have the most fun jobs in the world.

This movie cops a lot of flack online, and maybe rightly so, however if there is one good thing to come out of this is that these three formed a tight friendship from doing this movie.
That's got to count for something, right?
If you want to buy the DVD you can do so here
Blade: Trinity

If you want to buy the soundtrack, please click here
Blade Trinity

And if you want to read the movie novel, please click here
Blade: Trinity (New Line Cinema)

You can even buy the movie script screenplay if you want to!

Now, what did you think of this movie review? Is it something you read all the way through, and something you would return to this site to read more of? Please let me know.

And before you ask, yes Jessica Biel did enjoy this review. See? She's smiling in this photo. You are looking at her smile, right?

Yep. I thought so.

As if it matters, I give this movie 6 stars out of 10 by the way.
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  1. The answer to your question is simple. Jessica hands down is the hottest. I think one of the hottest women on the planet actually. Sounding a bit dyke there aren't I.

  2. yes, you are. :)
    but it's all cool because you responded to my blog. (Thanks Patty!)

  3. amagine jessica beil and jessica alba...yummy