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Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid

I just caught this on the Sci Fi channel and had to open up a new blog.
Who remembers the first Anaconda movie starring Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, and the original Marty McFly, Eric Stolz?
I do, and it was a really fun film.
Actually, even Owen Wilson was in the first one. So what do you know?
This sequel gained theatrical release and I remember it's run at the cinema. I had the time to see it, I just never did.
Too bad too as this was a fun little romp through the jungle.

Here's the movie poster.

The cast doesn't have any big name stars so I'm surprised the movie didn't go straight to DVD.
Although, the anacondas are the really stars of this film.
You know they're coming, and when they do.........

Here's a scene of particular thrill.

The guy with the machette is Bill Johnson (played by Johhny Messner). I've never seen him in anything else but he does a pretty good job of leading the cast through the jungle.
He does pretty well when it comes time to action-it-up also.

As I wrote the cast isn't made up of well-known stars.
You have a Jennifer Lopez look-a-like.
As for the guy wearing the cap, I was scratching my head all movie trying to recall where I'd seen him from.
He's name is Eugene Byrd and yep, you guessed it, he plays Dr Clark Edison in Bones.
In Anacondas: Hunt For The Blood Orchid, Eugene's character is nothing like the one he plays in Bones. So if you watch it just for him, well, I guess you'll still enjoy it.

Here's the full cast (can you see the anaconda? It's coming.........)

The highlight, for me, was seeing Andy Anderson make a cameo appearance.
Andy plays John Livingston, a drunk Aussie boatman, travelling up the river to pick up the rest of the cast.
In my youth Andy played Barry Petersen on Heartbreak High. On the show he was the drunk unemployed father to Kurt Petersen.
Andy's a good character actor, and provides somewhat comic relief here.
I enjoyed his scenes anyway.

What comes as more comic relief though is the direct-to-dvd venture, Anaconda 3: The Offspring. Though only because the lead is played by the one and only David Hasselhoff.

I haven't seen it yet so I shouldn't judge.
Based on the movie poster alone, I would love to watch this movie.

Well, maybe not just for the movie poster.
Crystal Allen plays Amanda Hayes in Anaconda 3.

And according to the movie poster here, she's also in Anaconda 4: Trail Of Blood.

I might just have to give these 2 movies a watch, and review. :)

Now I've spent the entire review without actually discussing the plot to the movie. You don't have to be a genius to work out the plot for a movie called Anacondas: Hunt For The Blood Orchid.
Maybe they should have called it Anacondas: Hunt For The Wild Orchid? Then they could've had Mickey Rourke and Carre Otis make an appearance.
There would be a different kind of giant snake in THAT movie though.
But I digress.
Here's the movie trailer;
Please click here if you wish to purchase the DVD
Anacondas - The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Please click here if you wish to purchase the soundtrack
Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

For a star rating I will give this 7 out of 10, based purely on the fun factor.
And I'll end this blog with the suggestion that if you're in the mood for some mindless fun, and this seems like your cup of tea, sit down and watch it.
I was suprised how much I enjoyed it. I hope you do too.
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  1. Good review, but you could've mentioned what the BLood Orchid was (?).