Sunday, May 30, 2010

Interview with... Veronika Bellova

You all remember when I reviewed Hannibal Rising, right?
Well, I got in contact with Veronika Bellova, who starred in the film, and I was lucky enough to interview her.

Turns out she's a very interesting woman.
Have a read...

1. It seems these days that everyone wants to be a professional actress, singer, or songwriter. What professional training have you undertaken to become an both an actress and a singer?

I have graduated from the Singing Academy in Prague (Konzervator), I also studied acting at the London's Academy of Live and Recorded Arts and at New York's Gregory Abels's Training Ensemble and the Film center many classes here and there.

2. What can you tell us about your movie career?

I am still working on it

3. What can you tell us about your singing career?

Kind of on hold - but also still not done with it just yet

4. You were involved in the Hannibal Rising movie, which is part of the hugely succussful Hannibal Lecter movies. What was it like to be involved?

Simply amazing

5. You've concentrated yourself on European movies to date. Do you have any US-based work in the pipe-line?

I am still in touch with US based directors, artists, musicians...many people I work with are living in Europe and the US - traveling back and forth. An American movie The Pagan Queen is going to be released on DVD in the US at the end of June. It's a movie about a Czech pre medieval time and I play one of the supporting characters

6. In terms of movies, is there a character or franchise (for example, James Bond) you would dream of being involved in?

I have many dreams, but the best thing is just to live and see what happens

7. What's coming up next for you?

I dont like to talk about things before they are finished, so ask me in a few months

Thanks Veronika! I look forward to seeing what project you're involved in, in the next few months.
So there you go everyone. Hope you liked this interview.

Be sure to look out for Veronika, especially in Hannibal Rising. It's great! :)

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