Friday, May 7, 2010

Interview with... Dana Fares

And now it's my esteemed pleasure to introduce my blog readers to Dana Fares.
In case you haven't heard of Dana yet don't worry, I think soon enough she will be on her way to becoming a household name.

I've had the pleasure of interviewing Dana about her previous and current work, of which I will present to you shortly.

For the moment, here's a headshot of the gorgeous Dana.

Yep, Dana's a red head. Isn't she lovely?
Dana started her movie career in the 2004 released, Tied Up, in which she played Autumn.

Dana can now been seen at
I've checked out the site, and it's a lot of fun.
Watersigns is a web series about three women dealing immersed in the Los Angeles music scene.
There's a slew of clips on YouTube if you want to check them out.

Dana appeared in a handful of other films, however this one caught my attention.
Dana appears as Nurse Burdette in this film dealing with the life (to date) of director Roman Polanski. If you don't know who Roman is, well, you're just not a movie buff.
Here's the movie trailer.

After Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired, Dana then starred as Flora in Heist, a movie about the Columbian drug cartel.
If anybody knows where I can find a copy of these two movies I'd love to have a look-see.

And now, on to the interview! (Please note that the text in blue is written by me)

1. The horror genre is seeing a resurgence after being in prominence in the 1970’s. What pressures does this put on you as an actress?

As an actress I am delighted when any genre strengthens because that means that more roles become available. Horror is tricky to master because there are so many factors that are outside of your control as an actor. Audiences demand believability not only from the actors but also in the writing and production choices, so you have to put a lot of faith into all of the players on the project.

2. What drew you to appear in a horror production?

Horror tends to be fast paced and active. I am a very energetic person who loves applying physicality to my performances and horror scripts usually facilitate that desire.

3. There seems to be a constant pressure for young, attractive actresses to appear nude on screen. How do you feel about this as a professional actress?

Nudity is a tricky thing... everyone wants you to do it and some will even go out of their way to capture a cheap shot or two. I believe that as long as it adds to the dynamic of the character and story it is appropriate. I have walked away from more than a few roles because I did not want to partake in gratuitous nudity.

4. What would be your dream role?

There are a million stories I would love to tell...picking just one is hard!
If I have to... I would say it is a tie between playing Frances from Ann-Marie MacDonald's Novel Fall on your Knees, and a portrayal of the silent film star Clara Bow in a film about her life.

(I'm a big fan of Clara Bow, so this is something I'd love to see)

5. What is coming up next for you?

My next film One in the Gun which is directed by Roulfe Kanefsky. It just premiered in LA and is in the final stages of locking down distribution. (Red carpet arrival footage is viable at and at the following youtube link ).

This has been my favorite project to date! I play the mentally unstable, Heather Newmark. I had the opportunity to take a lot of chances with this role and made sure to give an "out of the box" performance. I don't want to give too much away as it is a film noir mystery thriller so check out for more info.

I am also currently starring in the webseries Water Signs, which is set to air in Fall '10. It is a quirky comedy that dives directly into the eccentricities of the Los Angeles music scene. Highlighting three friends who work in the music industry and happen to be water signs in the astrological calendar… I play Cassandra, a mothering Cancer and a spunky choreographer with love on the mind who wants to find the perfect family and bake muffins. The series combines the bizarre yet definitely unforgettable stories of single life with a new-age mantra of “What if there is something greater at play in our lives and we’re just too self-involved to see it?”

Thanks for answering my questions Dana. You're tops!

Here's Dana appearing at the One In The Gun movie premiere.
Have a look and I defy you to tell me she's not going to be the next big thing.

For more info on Dana she has asked that I direct you to the following sites
Her fan page on Facebook at

In closing I want to thank Dana for this incredible opportunity. It really means a lot to be able to interview such a lovely actress.
I wish her all the very best, and I ask my readers to do the same.

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Til next time.


  1. Very Very Good. All the best Dana. Regards RWB

  2. Love you D! You are awesome...B

  3. GREAT Job Dana !! Keep up the good work ! Make that "Fares" name a household name. Carla & Terry