Friday, May 14, 2010

The Final Destination

It took me 4 movies to actually sit down and watch one of these films, and I bloody enjoyed it!

Despite being promoted also as Final Destination 3D, it is actually the fourth film in the series. Halfway through watching the film I got a little confused but then I realised, it doesn't really matter.
When you set out to watch a film like this you know what you want to see; mindless murder. You get it in spades here too.
No death by spades though.

Here's the movie poster.

And here's our cast. You can remember their names if you wish, but it doesn't really matter.
That being said, I wouldn't be surprised to see any of these four pop up in another blockbuster film.
They're a pretty likable bunch.

Here we have Nick (Bobby Campo) as the main character.
The story begins at a race track in which Nick unexpectedly begins having visions of moments leading up to death.
He uses these visions to avoid death (obviously), and the movie spins off from there.

As you can see in the image above Nick is trying with all his might to save his girlfriend. I'll show you why later.

Here's Hunt (Nick Zano), whom I took to be Nick's best friend.
Hunt's pretty much a jock wanker, and a pretty unlikeable character. I'm sure the actor's a nice bloke, but Hunt? Not so much.

I'm not big on spoiling the film but I will say, I cheered when Hunt was killed. Hunt sucked ass, literally. (haha)

From then on we have George (Mykelti Williamson), who was the security guard at the race track. George has a pretty meaty backstory, and Mykelti has the acting skills to make you notice.
George also seems to take on the role of Nick's best friend from here on out, and it works well. I liked seeing George on screen, and he gave a fresh feel to a movie genre usually taken up with know-it-all youngsters.

For those of you scratching your heads, Mykelti Williamson also played Bubba Blue in Forest Gump, as well as appearing in the TV show, 24.

Now here we have Nick's girlfriend, Lori (Shantel Van Santen). My God!

Need convincing she's one hot woman? Here you go. Yowzer!
As stated above, Lori's a pretty likable character, and Shantel plays her in a fun way. You actually find yourself siding with Lori, rather than just waiting for her to get knocked off.

Unlike Janet (Haley Webb), who is a bit vapid for my liking.
Here we having Lori crying because she knows that being vapid, Janet's going to get wiped out pretty soon.

It shouldn't matter though as it seems Haley Webb has a successful modelling career to fall back on.
She'll do alright I'm sure.

I've been reading the trivia for this movie and supposedly it has the highest death count of the series.
Clearly the girls are shocked by this news.

I'm unsure about the other films in the series but some of the deaths are laugh-out-loud funny.
Krista Allen makes an appearance as the MILF, and her death scene is both funny, and sad. You'll see why when it happens.

All up the film ends on a funny note, as if to say that death is watching over all of us, and there's nothing we can do to change this.
But it's an entertaining film nonetheless. It's like watching a funniest home video show, if the videos sent in were from Faces Of Death.

What, you're unfamiliar with the Faces Of Death video series? Let me just say this, I'm not in a rush to review THOSE movies anytime soon. Whew.
Literally, brutal stuff.

For fun, here's the trailer for The Final Destination

Here's the DVD if you want to make a purchase
Final Destination in 3-D

I will mention that my DVD copy has the warning about downloading pirated movies, as well as burning or purchasing pirated copies.
I'm all against the practice of pirated movies. For a whole manner of reasons, one of which being quality.
What I really dislike though is purchasing a DVD and then having to sit through the pirating lecture at the start, every single time I want to watch the movie.
I paid my money for the legit DVD copy, and still I'm forced to sit through this warning.
Can I fast forward past this warning either? Nope!
Just a little bit frustrating methinks.
Now, back to the review.
I have read online that some viewers weren't too pleased with this movie. I can see their point of view.
For a movie like this though, you watch it to have a good time. It's not meant to be dissected and broken down, over-analysed and then discussed.
You go to see the deaths, and the interesting (and sometimes very funny) ways in which people die.
So if this is your cup of tea I highly recommend you purchase the DVD, or hire it from your local video store.
I just might track down the 3 previous movies, and from what I hear, a fifth one is in the works.
What did you think of this review? Please comment, or email me directly at
Til next time.

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