Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Interview with.... Sandra Syn

Don't let your wives or girlfriends know, but I lined up one of Canada's biggest online porn stars.

Talk about luck!
Here's my interview with the ever desirable Sandra Syn....

What prep work do you do for each film?

I sometimes will tan a few days before so I have a nice healthy glow and get waxed (yes everywhere and everything)

How did you get into this business?

I got into this business about 5 years ago with my husband , we thought it would be fun going on cam then we decided screw the cam lets start our own business. We started Bm internet services and that grew and grew in till I became the biggest Porn Star in Canada.

You certainly look fit. What is your exercise regime?

I honestly do not exercise all that much but when I do it's wii work out's and bowflex.

Do you suck? :) You don't have to answer that one if you don't wish to -

haha I do b/g/ but only with my husband so yes I suck ;)

What's coming up next for you?

oh soooo much!! I am currently working on a dvd which has pre sold over 2500 copies already and this summer I will be working on a huge project with a really big member of the porn world Sunny Leone. I will also be working on a song with some great artist Zukhits and celesis911.

You have your own website www.sandrasyn.net, as well as a Twitter, MySpace, and a Facebook account. How do you feel about having this direct link to your fans?

I love my fans , I love the fact that they can write me emails , talk to me whenever they want and I always try to write everyone back . I also have a blog sites so my http://www.sandra-syn.com/ and http://www.synfullgossip.com/ http://www.synstuff.com/

You recently joined the Freeones.com community, started shooting in Freeones gear, and linking some of your shoots to the site. How did all of this come about?

I was just asked to be on there website and wear some of there clothes but I think its a great way for people to look at some of my vid's and pictures for free

Your husband features in most of your movies, and various situations (Christmas, Delivery Man, Pizza Dude, etc.) calls for him to act in costume. What does he think about this?

he loves it! he never has to dress up in anything stupid so it's just more fun sex for him ;)

You mentioned working with Sunny Leone, is there anyone else in the industry who you would like to shoot a scene with?

I honestly would be happy to work with any woman that has a great vibe about them. I could care less if they have a name in the industry like myself as long as there pleasant to work beside.

Boy oh boy, now THAT was a fun interview!

Of course, like all the celebrities I interview, I wish Sandra Syn all the very best.
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Until next time!

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