Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Interivew with... Chris Gann

As a movie reviewer, and now someone who interviews celebrities/actors/stunt men, it's now become a mission of mine to interview someone in particular.

And today's the day. I've finally done it.
I've finally interviewed a Terminator.

Chris Gann appeared as the T-600 in the TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Since then Chris has gone on to appear in Dollhouse, the new Hawaii Five-O series, and a stint in General Hospital.

Here's what Chris had to say...

1. How does it feel to be a part of a select few actors to play a Terminator?

Playing a terminator was a great experience! I did a few episodes of Sarah Conner Chronicles (a couple of which were never aired because the show got canceled). The make up was intense, getting ready for the day took 3 to 3 1/2 hours, and when you were done it took over two hours to get all cleaned up. There is such a great back story to all the Terminator characters, I played a "t-600" which was considered an early model Terminator with a lot of flaws still in the design. As the Terminator became more advanced the T-600 became obsolete but the human race still had to deal with the few that were left (including myself). Some days there would be three types of Terminators on set, all in different forms of evolution. The show had a huge built in fan base. I received tons of letters from fans of the T-600.

2. May you please tell us a bit about your involvement in the xXx movie?

This movie was my big break. When I auditioned for director Rob Cohen and casting director Ronna Kress it felt like I did not belong in the room. At my second callback There were a half dozen recognizable actors that were going out for the role of "TJ" and at the time my resume was pretty modest. That being said I new I performed well in my audition and I was just grateful for the opportunity to meet Rob and Ronna. Two weeks pass and my phone rings. When I pick up the phone someone on the other end says "Hi Chris, its Rob Cohen". Well as you can imagine I thought it was a buddy playing a joke on me but as he continued talking I realized that he was the real deal. He said he really liked my acting and knew I was qualified to do my own stunts which he thought was really important for the characters of TJ and Virg (Virg was played by Joey Buccarro). The movie went great, I worked on it for about two months. I became friends with a bunch of the worlds best stunt men (which has led to many other stunt acting roles in my career) and Vin Diesel and his camp. A few years later Vin put in a good word for me and helped me get a part on the movie "The Pacifier" which I worked on in Florida for a couple months, another great experience!

3. How did you get involved with General Hospital?

I had a recurring role on the hit ABC soap "Port Charles" the same casting team also worked on General Hospital so they have brought me in to do various roles for them. I envy the regulars on Soap Operas, they get to work in town, have pretty normal hours, and have millions of adoring fans. They also are pretty solid actors which usually they don't get credit for. They have to master dialog and shoot quickly to keep the show moving. It is always fun to work on General Hospital, there cast and crew are fantastic and no matter how long it has been since I worked on the show, they always seem as if they are happy to have me back when I come in and work.

4. What would be your dream film role?

I love comedy! When I first started in acting some of my first roles were sit-coms. I felt my strength is comedy but somewhere on my journey I have gravitated more to action/stunt roles. So to answer your question, my dream roll would combine both of my strong suits. A physical comedy like "The Hangover" or a dark comedy directed by the Cohen Brothers. I look forward to the time I get to star in one of Rob Cohens action movies. Rob and I are friends and I love the way he directs. I think we will reunite some day.

5. What’s coming up next for you?

I just did an episode of "Hawaii Five-O" What a great experience. I spent a week in Hawaii and got to work with the same team who brought you the hit show "24" If you get a chance to see the show check it out. It is going to be another hit for CBS! I did stunts on "Transformers 3" and "Vampires Suck" and tv shows CSI Miami and House. I also have 4 new national commercials running in the USA and Canada. You can see them soon on my website and you-tube.

6. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to my readers’ attention?

I work with a worldwide charity that has a goal of nourishing the world. The Kologoris foundation has helped thousands of malnourished people get there health back and that is just the start. We want to ensure that kids and adults all over the world can live a healthy life. Please check it out.

Now that's what I call an interview!!!
Thank you so very much to Chris Gann for his time and effort. It certainly means a lot to me.

If you want to know more about Chris and his work please check out his site at
Please feel free to leave a comment below, as I'd love to know what you all thought of this interview.
Until next time!

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