Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Interview with... Sara Del Rey

I've never had the chance to interview a professional wrestler, until now.
Sara Del Rey certainly hammered this interview down. Knocking it to the floor, down pat!

I hope you enjoy my interview with professional wrestler, Sara Del Rey.

1. What does it take to be a professional wrestler?

Mostly it takes a tremendous amount of heart and dedication. I think as long as you are passionate about wrestling and never quit you can do well.

2. Was becoming a professional wrestler something you’ve always wanted?

No I never thought wrestlers were real people or that I could do what they did I just loved watching.

3. Since becoming professional, how has it altered your career as a wrestler?

It hasn't really I have always taken my training very serious and have always tried to present my self and act like a respectful person.

4. Have you done any convention work?

I occasionally do signings at conventions they are a lot of fun!

5. What would you like to do after wrestling?

I don't really know...there is so much to do in wrestling that I haven't thought about after.

6. What’s coming up next?

I want to be known as the best women's wrestler in the world so I'll be working on that.

7. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to my reader’s attention?

Make a wish is a great organization.

There you go! Budda-Bing, Budda-Boom!

Thank you for your time with this interview Sara. I wish you all the very best.

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Until next time.

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