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Interview with... Muse Watson

Appearing in such TV shows as Matlock, American Gothic, as well as films ranging from Assassins, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and I Know What You Did Last Summer, it is my sincere pleasure to bring to you my interview with...

Muse Watson.

1. How did you land the role in I Know What You Did Last Summer?

i got a call to audition. i went to the audition and the casting director told me that the production was already on location in North Carolina and that she was so pleased with my audition she was going to Fed-x it to them there. i later found out that the line Producer from "Something To Talk About", a film i had done with Julia Roberts and Bobby DuVal, was a producer on the picture. They were looking for someone to play the villain who would be willing to hang out on the set in case the young stars needed some scary motivation. The producer told them he knew me to be easy to work with and agreeable. With-in a week i was on my way to North Carolina. Jennifer Love Hewitt and i had lived in the same apartment complex in Burbank, Ca. and i knew "of" her but had never worked with her. i was excited to be working with so many "up and coming" young stars.

2. How has that role altered your career?

It's funny but when i arrived in Hollywood i had just finished playing a good guy in "Something to Talk About" as Hank Corrigan and had a ruff time getting auditions to play "bad" guys. i did a couple of "indies" to prove my "badness" and versatility which culminated in my doing Ben Willis in "I know". After playing Ben Willis i had a hard time finding folks willing to let me play "good guys" for a time. "A Christmas Snow", a family film with a spiritual message is just now available which shows me as a good guy.
The films brought me some acclaim as a bad guy, and i loved it, and conjuring the character taught me some of the best acting lessons of my life. Movement and camera angles were so important to the character that my study gave me tricks that i used to this day.

3. Both Sylvester Stallone and Antonio Banderas are huge stars in their own right. Please describe working on the set of Assassins.

i loved working with Sly. i also loved working with Dick Donner, the director. One day when a camera operator suggested how a shot would work and it did not work, Dick hollered at him, "You want window or aisle?", suggesting he would be fired and have to fly back to L.A. i loved his sense of humor.

Wading in the swamp was cold and the teamsters were bringing me hot water in buckets to put my feet in between takes. That was real star treatment for me ... and it worked.

4. you've done some dramatic roles. Is this something you search out for?

Oh, i could be coy and say yes, but i have never reached the level of stardom where i search for anything but a way to make a good living. Don't get me wrong. i turn things down, but the scripts are obviously bad ... at least to me, or they ask me to beg for my life, which i won't do. It's not believable. Being dyslexic from an early age, i never got into reading fiction, so my wife reads most of the scripts we get and tells me whether i should do them. Maybe she's searching for drama. LOL

5. What would be your dream role?

i did Cervantes in Man of La Mancha three times and i would love to do a modern day Don Quixote. ...or a western with a great script.

6. What's coming up next for you?

Well, i am always looking forward to the next NCIS episode playing my favorite character, Mike Franks ... but i also have a couple of films which are in development that should begin soon. "Three Times a Lady" in which i play a widower and successful attorney who falls in love with a mature lady in a romantic comedy. The story is actually about her.... but you asked what i was doing. LOL Then there is "Death Keeps Comming" which could be a serious classic, and then next year i am looking forward to working again with Trost Moving Pictures on what i hope is going to be a western. i will also be producing on two of the three of those. ...and then there are the little surprises that come out of no-where that are like a lottery. i am looking forward to the next one of those.

7. Is there an event or charity you would like to bring to my readers' attention?

"A Christmas Snow" is for sale "on-line" and at stores everywhere. It is a great family film with a great message. i recommend it.

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  1. It's reassuring to know that he is not really scary like his character, Ben Willis, in the IKWYDLS movies!