Monday, January 24, 2011

The Informant!

In September of 2009 a little movie came out called The Informant!
I'd seen many reviews of it during it's release but as like a lot of movies which take my interest I just didn't get around to actually seeing it.
Until last night.
It happened to be on cable TV, and Bones wasn't on which meant I have free-reign of the TV for the night.
I'm glad I watched it too. It was both an informative and fun film.
Here's the movie poster.

And here's the trailer

Here we have Mark Whitacre (Matt Damon) a biochemist for ADM who's been moved into the business side of the company.

And here's Ginger Whitacre (Melanie Lynskey). I didn't realise until she appeared on screen but Melanie is known for her role as Rose in Two And A Half Men.
Melanie gives a good performance as Ginger and plays off well to Matt Damon's performance.

Another drawcard to watching this movie was Brian Shephard (Scott Bakula), an FBI agent Mark comes into contact with, and by whom the whole story progresses.
Bakula, as usual, gives a solid performance here. You can't fault him.

A surprise addition to the cast, in the role of Mark Cheviron, was Thomas F Wilson.

Thomas F Wilson is better known for his role as Biff Tanner in the Back To The Future movies.

Now the storyline of this movie is quite dry, and unless you like sitting in on business meetings each and every day, unless you get enjoyment from listening to middle-aged men go on and on about price structure, business plans, cost projections, etc etc, then you're going to need this guy to cheer things up.
James Epstein (Tony Hale) is Mark Whitacre's lawyer. Mark Whitacre's long suffering lawyer.

What also makes this movie a pure gem is the thought narratives Mark sprouts off at any given moment, especially when he should be paying attention to something else entirely.

"What's the German word for "corn?" The word in German I really like is kugelschreiber. That's "pen." All those syllables just for "pen.""

Now with comments like that you just know this is going to be a fun film.

As usual, Matt Damon gives an outstanding performance. He even packed on the weight for the role although I didn't really notice.

I will admit the movie does have it's flaws. Mark Whitacre isn't the best role model, or even someone I would base a movie around. However the things that happened with his involvement? Yep, it sure was interesting.

It's one of those movies you watch and then the day after you can't stop thinking about, and feel the need to do some follow-up research on.
For that reason alone I give the movie an 8 out of 10.

Until next time!

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