Monday, January 17, 2011

Interview with... Kaaren De Zilva

Purely by chance did I happen to find Kaaren De Zilva with an opportunity to interview her.
And when an opportunity like that arrives you don't take it lightly, or knock it back.

Kaaren has worked on such films as The 13th Warrior, and has a scene stealing turn in the coming of age film, Juno.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Kaaren De Zilva.

1. What was it like filming The 13th Warrior?

Working on the 13th Warrior was an amazing experience. It was my first real taste of working on a big budget feature film...being helicoptered in to set in remote parts of the country and working with extremely talented people.

2. How has the role altered your acting career?

It altered my career because I was exposed to so many great actors. It was an international cast and because the actors were so diverse it allowed me to learn a great range of acting styles and methodologies.

3. Please describe your involvement on Da Vinci’s City Hall.

On DaVinci's City Hall I played the City Manager for City Hall, Julia Forsyth. I really enjoyed playing that character. She was bold, intelligent and feminine.

4. You’ve gotten praise for your role in Juno. How did you prepare for the role?

Thank you to those that enjoyed the performance and to Jason Reitman for such great direction. The technical preparation was done by learning about the procedure of ultrasound and the technicians that do it. As far as the personality traits of the character, I explored all the reasons how and why someone would arrive at the opinions this character expresses.

5. What’s it like on shows such as Stargate: Atlantis, and Fringe?

Working on Stargate Atlantis and Fringe was fantastic! It's like a hyper reality with all the costumes, cool sets and other worldly scenarios, but intertwined within it is the struggles every human faces.

6. Have you done any conventions for your sci-fi work?

I have not done any Sci-Fi conventions for my think I should?

7. What would be a dream role for you?

My dream role...I have a lot of dreams...hmmm...perhaps a spy because I can play so many ethnicities, a super hero, a dark gritty many dream roles...

8. What’s coming up next?

Lot's of diverse roles coming up for me again this year and who knows maybe you'll get to see me play that dark and gritty detective I mentioned earlier....

I hope you enjoyed this interview. I thought Kaaren's responses were brilliant.
I look forward to seeing the next production Kaaren appears in.

If you would like to know more about Kaaren and her work I ask that you take a look at her website,

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Until next time.

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