Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bryan Cranston to play The Riddler?

This blog is going to be a little bit different to what I've usually brought you.
This time instead of reviewing a movie, or bringing you a celebrity interview, I want to put to you my belief of Bryan Cranston as the Riddler in the upcoming Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie.

Fans of Bryan will know him well as Hal, the father in Malcolm In The Middle.
He has also had a recurring role as Dr Tim Whatley in Seinfeld, and can currently be seen as Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Malcolm In The Middle certainly showed Bryan's comedic skills. It also provided Bryan with the chance to show us many of his other acting abilities.

This broad range of skills would certainly come in handy for the role of Edward Nygma.
The Riddler is a complex character. Both a criminal genius with a hand at problem solving; looking at situations in a way others wouldn't.
The Riddler is also compelled to tease his victims and would-be captors with clues to solve the riddle he sets before them.

This aspect, along others, is especially shown in Breaking Bad, as evidenced by this clip.

With the previous Batman movies Christopher and his brother Jonathon Nolan have shown a knack for providing a realistic twist on Batman, his supporting cast, and his enemies.
With this in mind I think The Riddler is an almost perfect fit into the story formed in the aforementioned films (Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight).

I have read on various forums on people's opinions as to whom should be the villain in the third film. And subsequently who should play said villain.
This blog is not for that.
This blog is simply to put forward my belief, and ask that you at least consider this option.

You're thinking about it right now, aren't you?

Well now, what do you think?
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