Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Into The Blue 2: The Reef

I'd been meaning to see this movie for a while now, having been a fan of the original.
Once I found out that Laura Vandervoort was in this movie, I really wanted to check it out.
Laura played the role of Kara in Smallville. For fans in the know, Kara is Supergirl.

This alone was my reason for seeing this movie. Well, initially.

Here's the movie poster.
And here's the trailer

Now, um.... Where was I? Oh, that's right. I'm meant to be reviewing this movie, aren't I?
Laura Vandervoort plays the role of Dani.

I seem to recall there being a plot about her and her husband scuba-diving for undersea treasure....

Sorry. Now you've lost me.
Give me a minute here.

Okay. Here's Chris Carmack, who plays Dani's husband, Sebastian.
Chris actually has some real acting talent and I could certainly see him landing more acting roles.

Or he could always land his wife. Growl.

Along for the ride are Sebastian and Dani's friends, Kimi (Mircea Monroe) & Mace (Michael Graziadei).
Kimi & Mace actually bring to the movie a nice little side-story. She's in love with him but he won't commit. It makes for a nice change of pace to what could otherwise have been a standard treasure hunt movie.

A big drawcard for this movie is the scenery. And I'm not talking about the beach (although that is nice).

Funding the treasure hunt is Carlton (David Anders), and his assistant Azra (Marsha Thomason). Carlton might not look like much but check this out...

Yep, he's the bad guy in this caper.
If you want to check the movie out for yourself I'm sure the local video store can get you a copy or you could make the purchase here.

Into the Blue 2: The Reef

Being a straight 2 dvd release there is a bit of a stigma about it however by the end of the movie I was glad I watched it. The direction is very good, as is the camera work.
The story doesn't fall flat and neither does the acting.
As written above, I could easily see these actings going on to other roles, and much success.
Because the movie surprised me in being something other than a cheap perv at girls in bikinis, I give it 6 out of 10.
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